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Algeria - a new target?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Algerian militants are closely connected with special services of some countries of the Gulf, pursuing their own interests. Quiet time for Algeria to an end. This is indirectly confirmed and talkative Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, who announced his intention in the near future to replace the Libyan Algerian gas. And despite the fact that Algeria, as a country-supplier, never gave reason for criticism.

29-09-2011 admin 1819 0

Tripoli after the assault: an analysis of the reasons for the defeat of Gaddafi

In the Libyan capital Tripoli are in heavy fighting, and Gaddafi disappeared, the city at the mercy of looters and murderers. Western media continue to stuff the townsfolk staged shots. Will try to do an analysis of what we saw in the last days, based on publicly available information and logic.

30-08-2011 admin 2637 0

The signs of new time: the revolution through social networks

In recent months the world's media is filled with reports of unrest breaking out here and there. The world witnessed a wave of revolutions, popular uprisings and mass disturbances. Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Moldova, Belarus, UK, China, Qatar – not just different countries and different parts of the world were at the mercy of instability. It would seem, not so similar event: the revolution and the overthrow of the regime somewhere in the East and the youth riots in the fashionable areas of London, but perhaps there is something that unites them...

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The situation in Syria will repeat the Libyan scenario?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Unrest in Libya has drawn attention to events in another country in the region – Syria. A similar scenario of the emerging situation suggests that the outcome can be very similar.

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The country, which we lost: Russia no longer shines oil Libya
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The civil war in Libya seems to have entered its final stage. The regime of Muammar Gaddafi who rules with an iron hand ruled the country since 1969., living out their last days. In Tripoli, fierce fighting, the residence of Colonel looted NATO rather rubs his hands, and on the ruins – the complete triumph of democracy.

25-08-2011 admin 2312 0

The nuances of the Libyan tragedy
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Western and Russian media assert that the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is living its last days. The rebels coordinated by NATO, has already stormed the streets of the Libyan capital. Gaddafi is not yet giving up. Colonel Gaddafi is one of the few leaders deserving of the title "warrior". He really is a warrior, not one year as opposed to the collective West. Libya under Qaddafi was part of the notorious "axis of evil", where in addition it includes Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Iran.

23-08-2011 Gulevich Vladislav 1876 0

Libya: the war is over in the autumn
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Events in Libya are still the center of attention all over the world. For six months, and ongoing NATO operation against the government of Muammar Gaddafi, aviation Alliance made 7500 sorties. The leader of the Jamahiriya to the current attempts to overthrow him in the world was considered odious figure.

18-08-2011 admin 4021 0

The Arab spring and the clash of civilizations
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

After the end of the cold war began to be released of the idea of interfaith, in the end, as inter-civilizational contradictions determine the development of the world situation. At the same time forceful imposition of democracy has become a distinctive feature of American expansion in the middle East.

27-07-2011 admin 2423 0

Middle East review: Learning from Germany or is foreign policy

A message indicating that the acquisition by Saudi Arabia 200 German "Leopard", which the manufacturer, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann will also release in a special "desert" modifications 2А7, clearly shows what is the place of the notorious "democratic values" in foreign policy is a self-respecting state.

25-07-2011 Имя Фамилия 1702 0

The new situation in the middle East and Israel
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

In late may, Israeli defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a statement, which immediately attracted the attention of experts involved in middle East issues. Barak said that every year, in addition to military spending on the part of Israel, in the next five years must also at least $20 billion, "and with the upcoming generation of the country was protected."

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