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Economics and the revolution - the price of freedom
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The escalation of popular uprisings in the Arab States continues to exert upward pressure on the price dynamics of most commodities. The growth of quotations is observed not only in the segment of grain crops, more expensive hydrocarbons, precious and industrial metals. At the largest commodity exchanges almost every day are recorded and a new local historical records in the prices of oil, silver, coffee, cocoa, cotton, live cattle, etc.

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The Arab revolution and the "Great Israel"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

At the time (2000-2001) at the invitation of one of the leaders of the party "Rodina" Dmitry O. Rogozin I was a member of the Advisory Council on foreign policy under the State Duma Committee on international Affairs. In the Council of 32 people were invited as professional analysts (Director of the Institute of USA and Canada Sergei Rogov, ex-KGB generals N. With. Leonov L. V. Shebarshin, professors, academics) and a few independent leaders of the Patriotic opposition, including me as proposed in the newly published the book "Taina Rossii" (1999) an alternative conception of Russian foreign policy.

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Sergey Kurginyan: "Obama removes the mask! And proceeds to global redistribution of the world"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Restructuring is the change of the global architecture. At the first stage - at our expense. The character of the stage - the fall of the Berlin wall. Obama compared the events in Egypt with the fall of the Berlin wall? Compare! And this is not by accident. The second phase of the changing global architecture (restructuring 2). The previous system architecture that is sent to landfill - project "Modern". He started in the middle XVIвека and finally took shape after the French revolution. Its basis is the belief in the right of all peoples to development, to the level of Nations called advanced.

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Libya will cover the second wave of world crisis
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Economic recovery after the 2008 crisis may hinder the developments in North Africa. Oil prices reached a 2.5-year high, and judging by the ongoing unrest in Libya, the upper limit is not yet reached— it is possible to overcome the barrier of $150 per barrel. If for Russia the rise of prices on black gold is a generally positive factor for the world economy— the path to recession.

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In Libya, private military companies acted in the main role
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

In Libya, as earlier in Egypt and Tunisia, security forces are moving to the side of the insurgent people. In particular the interior Minister, the Secretary of the General people's Committee for national security, Abdel Fatah Younis al-Obeidi announced his resignation and move to the side of the revolution." Their support for protesters declare all new army units.

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What is happening in the middle East and the Arab world?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

States North Africa and the Middle East continue to be shaken by social explosions. Were a successful revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. Commander in Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya. Tehran parried the first revolutionary wave, but will not come second?

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Post-revolution middle East: more of Islam and radicalism
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Middle East countries covered by the revolutionary mood. Inspired by the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, residents of Libya, Bahrain and Yemen out in rallies, organizing themselves through social networks. President of the Institute for Israel studies and Middle East studies Evgeny Satanovsky told RBC about the Arab attempts to change the modes on the bottom.

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The role of the media and the Internet in the overthrow of the Egyptian regime
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

In each new revolution, which still occur on Earth, the role of media. In particular this applies, of course, social media was a great tool for coordinating the actions of the masses. But "traditional media" - news agencies, TV stations, even Newspapers - it's a little early to dismiss. Events January-February 2011 in Egypt once again demonstrated this.

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Events in the Arab world – beginning of the world revolution?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Despite tensions in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East are continuing violent demonstrations and riots, covering all new countries. In particular, turbulent now in Algeria, Libya, Bahrain , Iran and other States. On the socio-political background of these events and their possible future development, says an independent expert Yuri Misurkin.

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The Americans returned like a boomerang to their double standards and methods of color revolutions
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The events of recent weeks, as well as the content of an information booklet for the Egyptian rebels says the expert, the Kyrgyz newspaper "Delo no." - political analyst and Islamic studies Kadyr MALIKOV, a long time lived and studied in the middle East.

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