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The situation in Syria and Iraq and prospects for their development
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The successful operation of government forces in Syria and Iraq against ISIS and other radical Islamist groups by the end of 2017 is welcome, however, to talk about the imminent victory over the jihadists and their ultimate elimination as terrorist organizations would be premature. The situation in Syria and Iraq remains complex and should recognize that the regimes in Damascus and Baghdad are not yet able to consolidate their society and are still largely dependent on foreign military and other assistance.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 09 to 15 October 2017

Hypersonic missiles can be installed on almost any ship of the Russian Navy – the media; in the Krasnodar higher military aviation school of pilots will receive the link of the new combat training aircraft Yak-130; in September, the troops ZVO more than 140 units of modern weapons and equipment; in the Russian Navy adopted the latest RAID tugboat "BUK-2181" project 04690; new patrol boat "Raptor" will go to the Baltic fleet; the Mi-28N and Ka-52 will come into service of Naval aviation of the Baltic fleet; in Novorossiysk are factory tested the new small missile ship black sea fleet "Vishny Volochek"; the latest big landing ship "Ivan Gren" has completed factory sea trials; combat equipment "Ratnik" will be equipped with a new clock, can operate uninterruptedly under the influence of electronic warfare; precision-guided munitions will create for most weapons; for SSJ100 has already gathered the 300 series engines is JDC. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 09 to 15. 10. 2017.

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Israel has been hacked "virus", and then notified the NSA about the invasion of its networks

2015 hackers from Israeli government departments saw something suspicious in computers the Moscow firm cyber security: it was hacking tools for hacking, which could be restricted to the national security Agency.

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The virus scarier bombs. How hackers destroyed a nuclear plant in Iran

Russian hackers has become a brand of our time. Judging from the headlines around the world, crafty burglars almost omnipotent and able to at least pull out the light the ins and outs of the world anti-doping Agency, though, to sit in the White house Donald trump. While not hear hysteria about hackers from other countries. Meanwhile, just a few years ago hackers waged a successful sabotage at a nuclear facility.

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The first American military base in Israel

"We opened with our American partners a US military base, which is the first us military base in Israel." With these words the commander of the air defense of the Israeli air force General Zwick Haimovitz announced the opening of its first permanent us military base in Israel after four years, had gone to its creation. And he said: "the American flag is constantly flying over the U.S. military base located inside one of our bases".

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Israel is preparing for a big war. But all are silent about this

A week earlier, the Israeli authorities have organized large-scale military exercises, the IDF has recreated the fighting with Hezbollah.

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"Greater Israel" and Kurdistan

The Kurds in the middle East there is a strong state in which they are included as equal citizens and in which due to the process of democratization in recent years, they are guaranteed cultural rights. This is the state of the Turkish Republic. To reinforce this point, it is enough to compare how you lived the Kurdish people in Iraq under Saddam and Syria under Assad, being doomed to existence in a certain region and also not having civil rights.

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Israeli penetration in Africa: security concerns and morality

The Israeli occupation authorities took the unprecedented step in October 2017 That will host the summit with the participation of Israel and the 25 African countries. This will be the first joint event at such a high level.

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Humanity will be divided into two "species" Israel in focus
Проект: Future of the Information Society

The portal published an analytical article by Israeli expert on political technologies of social psychology, "politics of memory", the interaction between the state and civil society David Adelman under the heading "Elite and people are unnecessary".

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The dispute delayed: Qatar and Turkey rejected the ultimatum of the Gulf

Qatar and Turkey said about the unacceptability of the sentences of Persian Gulf on settlement of the diplomatic crisis. In view of the divergent positions on the normalization of relations will take several months, experts say.

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