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Obama pushes new U.S. policy in the middle East region
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Obama said that uses the right of veto and block a bill relating to the adoption of new sanctions against Iran. Hard confrontation with his policy on Iran is not surprising - the situation is far from stable and irreversible.

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The generals who play the game

At the University of tel Aviv were non military exercises, involving real military and politicians from several continents. Cyber attack on targets in the United States and in Israel have claimed thousands of lives and involved Russia in a Third world war on the side of Syria. While the Israeli side has shown itself not the best way, but does not disappoint the Americans.

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The US is trying to negotiate with Iran, and Israel recovers these negotiations

Meeting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary of state Kerry on the issue of Iran's nuclear program ended in failure - the sides failed to convince each other in their arguments. The unyielding position of the US - Iran is entitled to peaceful nuclear program, including the creation of its own industry production of nuclear fuel.

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The Arab East and Central Asia impact assessment

Formed in the post-Soviet space independent by the state in addition to the need to address a wide range of domestic problems faced the challenge of establishing relations with the geopolitical centers of power. Recognized and unrecognized States and regions of post-Soviet space has ceased to be an exclusively Russian sphere of influence.

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The great Arab revolution
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

Thinking about the middle East, we unwittingly become hostages of the most complex combinations and contradictions. When logic is already not help, but intuition is the prerogative of the elite, we turn to history, which political portraits of contemporaries are a lot of analogies.

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The spy who tried to climb the Kremlin wall
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

When "favorite Saudi Prince" of the Central intelligence Agency described: it was last week the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the head of Saudi intelligence Prince Bandar bin Sultan – landed on Wednesday in Moscow on his private jet and went straight to a meeting with President Vladimir Putin at his suburban residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, this visit was not a matter of secrecy, to which the usual intelligence chief, and which he might expect.

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The role of the Gulf monarchies in middle East policy Washington
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Careful analysis and study of the situation shows that began in 2010, the process of reformatting the Arab world, known as the "Arab spring", today moving to a new stage.

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The failure of geopolitical project "Sunni-Shiite strife"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Diligent suppression of popular unrest in Turkey by the Pro-Turkish press and articles about pseudo-Shia "brothers-Muslims" shows the degree of frustration of geopolitical power centers in Egypt and Turkey, more precisely, the leaders of the two countries.

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The project "the Trap in the Levant"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The pan-Arab newspaper Al-QudsAl-Arabipublished an article about the role of American intelligence in the escalation of the conflict in Syria. The purpose of the series of covert operations, according to the newspaper – to lure into the Syrian trap two of the worst enemies of America, "al-Qaeda" and "Hezbollah", where they will face into a bloody and prolonged confrontation. Some experts believe that the opening of borders to the jihadists in the early stage of the Syrian conflict from countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon was intentional, in order to draw in a geographically limited area of the maximum number of Salafis.

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Games around Syria: Israeli solitaire
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The appearance in the Syrian conflict the "Israeli trace" in January and then in may 2013 (in the first case, Israel made an air strike on the convoy, which allegedly was transporting missiles to the Lebanese group "Hezbollah", second research center in the suburbs of Damascus and other objects) have complicated the balance of power in the Syrian conflict.

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