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The techniques and methods of information and psychological influence in the information confrontation of warring parties in Syria

Media as an important element of the information space, have an impact on the political system of modern society, become especially important during the war. Carried out in this review a comparative analysis of information materials in Arabic and the Arabic-speaking media during the period from 18 April to 31 may, devoted to the Syrian crisis, demonstrate this fact.

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War in Syria: here is a new twist. Assad took al-qusayr
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

May 20 Bashar Assad's troops took control of baboutmost of the city of al-Quseir (30 kilometres South of the city of HOMS). On Saturday, may 18 military aircraft and artillery launched a series of attacks on the city. Sunday morning, may 19 forces entered al-qusayr, and on Monday was released from the militants and mercenaries from the southern and Eastern districts. When these lines are written in the Northern neighborhoods are still fighting.

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Israel in the South Caucasus: regional correction of course
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

The South Caucasus is in the focus not only of large units, but also the countries of conditional "second tier" of external actors. Among these States in recent years was Israel.

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Israel as a bargaining chip in US policy
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to Israel, Palestine and Jordan did not bring the Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table, and to prepare the Western intervention in Syria, playing the "Israel card". Talking about this latest initiative of the Obama on the allocation of the Syrian opposition assistance and bellicose statements of the European partners in NATO.

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"Great Israel". The plan of the Zionists for the "reconstruction" of the Middle East

Published below is a document related to the establishment of "greater Israel" and is the cornerstone of powerful Zionist movement, which today has representation in the government Netanyahu (Likud faction), and also among military and intellectual elite of Israel.

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Syria as a part of Europe
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The events in Syria require substantial material resources in Turkey and Iran, but it is hard to imagine in a public context, what are the costs of political resources of these leading States of the greater Middle East in connection with the Syrian crisis.

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Who shot, anywhere?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Information about the air attack on a facility in Syria extremely controversial. In fact, it is unknown who made it (though by default it is assumed that it was the Israeli air force), nor what was the purpose of the RAID.

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The "Arab spring" with a Jewish tinge
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Israel, Qatar and Turkey are actively exchanged dozens of telegrams relating to the Syrian government, the survivability of which is beginning to seriously threaten the security of the ruling regimes of the aforementioned countries.

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STRATFOR: geopolitical forecast for 2013. Middle East
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The Arab world straddles two eras. First began here after the Second world war, when the Arab dictatorships and monarchies ousted the imperialists and ceased to be colonies.

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Its function Israel failed
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Historical period that started since the establishment of the Zionist "state", is the deepest level of political and religious degradation of the Islamic world in the history of its existence.

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