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The Ukrainian revolution, or "The American dream"
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

In Russian-Ukrainian relations have entered a new phase. The stage, which can rather be characterized as a confrontation between the two States. What was the cause of this conflict?

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Historical memory in the geopolitical dimension: the Crimean precedent
Проект: On the national idea

Event military-political confrontation in Ukraine again draw our attention to the inalienability of modern geopolitics from a specific socio-cultural features. Language, mental and mnemonic frame be more durable national boundaries, and the mechanisms by which the collective consciousness is more effective than direct military intervention.

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Strategic challenges of effective development of the Arctic shelf of Russia in modern geopolitical conditions
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

In the formation of a transnational world, the boundaries between domestic and foreign policies of the States become conditional. In the context of geopolitical challenges of modernity subyacente the focus of international law shifted from state to regional level. Thus, there is the increasing importance of regions in national and global aspects. This is reflected in the fact that economic, political, social and other interests of the States now face in a limited area. Any consequences of decisions made in respect of the territory, can affect the whole global economic system.

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Russia's geopolitical interests in the Arctic
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Over the last decade have greatly increased interest in the Arctic region with the global community. It is noteworthy that the Arctic today is not only in the sphere of geopolitical interests of circumpolar Nations (Russia, USA, Canada, Denmark and Norway), but other States located far from the region (China, Japan, South Korea), as well as several international organizations that have not previously been involved in Arctic Affairs (NATO and EU). For Russia, began the development of the polar region eight centuries ago, the Arctic remains today an integral part of the Russian geopolitical space.

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Count N. P. Rezanov. Its role in the development of land in North America

Nobleman Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov was born in St. Petersburg into an impoverished family of 8 April 1764, but received an excellent education at home and by age 14 he had five European languages. Since 1778 he served in the military artillery, but due to its statisti, the bearing and the outer beauty was transferred to the life guards Izmailovo regiment.

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Afghanistan in the geopolitical dimension of security of Eurasia

The paper examines questions about the role of Afghanistan's security issues in the Middle East and Central Asia. Reveal the geopolitical and strategic interests of leading countries such as USA and China, as well as regional leaders in the Middle East, such as India, Pakistan and Iran. Analyzes the political and military situation in Afghanistan at the moment 2014, the impact of processes in the field of ensuring security and stability in the country on the CIS and the Russian Federation as a whole.

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The South Ossetian-Georgian conflict: causes and consequences

The collapse of the Soviet Union – a complex multinational system with many unresolved inter-ethnic problems that had been artificially maintained in the quiescent state from the centre for decades, has inevitably led to the development of these conflicts in the new environment. Throughout the former Soviet Union is a degenerated into open confrontation and clashes between representatives of different ethnic groups, defending their economic, political, cultural and other rights and interests. An example of this are the Georgian - South Ossetian conflict 1991-1992, the Georgian – Abkhaz conflict of 1992-1993, the Transnistrian conflict, the Moldovan-Gagauz conflict and so on.

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The rise of the Asia-Pacific region on the background of the fall of the unipolar world order: theoretical and practical dimension
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The growing importance of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) in contemporary international relations cannot remain without attention of the major players in world politics. USA, China and Russia are well aware of and understand the basic world political trends of modern life. The shift of political and economic weight towards Asia, rapid economic development in China and the entire Asian market, increasing demand for energy – all this indicates that basic processes of world politics and the world economy in the twenty-first century will unfold on the shores of the Pacific ocean.

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Modern conflicts: their nature, driving forces and mechanisms
Проект: New in the military

This essay consists of 4 parts, in which the author intends to consider the geopolitical importance of the Middle East, to give a brief presentation on the occurrence, causes and nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict, to identify the main driving forces and mechanisms of the conflict and to assess the role of Russia in this conflict and to analyze its geopolitical interests in the region.

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"Forgotten materiala" Eugene Messner as a precedent updating military thought of the Russian Diaspora in discussions about the wars of the new generation
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Reform of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation is in full swing. The troops received modern equipment, conducted large-scale exercises of the army and whole units of the military districts, revived the system of training, interested in new phenomena and concepts of warfare. In the information space is increasingly common notion, which several years ago was the subject of discussion of a narrow circle of military specialists and professionals dealing with military-political issues. Today at all on hearing such concepts as "network centric war", "military activities in cyberspace", "information warfare", "psychological operations," etc.

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