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Economic determinants of political cooperation between Iran and Russia

Today the political world is in a state of uncertainty and change. USA bills itself as the only superpower, dictating to all States of a unipolar world order. However, the role of some countries in specific regions and in world politics as a whole increases. The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation are among such States.

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The impact of strategic surprises on national security in the face of geopolitical tensions

The realist theory of international politics see international relations system, in which the main actors are States. Summarizing the experience of many centuries of classical diplomacy, this theory repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness in the analysis of contemporary international politics.

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The peculiarities of political dialogue of East and West on the example of Eurasian integration
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Significant differences of the cultures of East and West influence the development of their political systems, which in turn affects their interaction in the international arena. Question about a solution to the problem of interaction between different cultures was raised since the understanding of their fundamental differences.

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The problem of territorial belonging of the Kuril Islands: the origins of the Russo-Japanese conflict and the possible solutions

We don't sell territories, although the problem of concluding a peace Treaty with Japan is of course key, and we would like with our Japanese friends to find a solution to this problem. Vladimir Putin

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Russia's geopolitics in the context of Eurasian cooperation
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Eurasia is the largest continent and one of the richest regions of the world on reserves of natural resources.

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The Kurdish factor in the geopolitical struggle in the middle East

The Kurds are Iranian-speaking people, represented by a set of diverse tribal groups living on the territory of South-Eastern Turkey, northwestern Iran, Northern Iraq and Northern Syria.

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The North Korean crisis at the present stage

During its existence the North Korean nuclear crisis has become global and has become a complex problem involving a number of factors that threaten the security of the world community.

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Naval strength of the Russian Empire
Проект: Sea policy

Traditionally, the term sea power is applied to countries such as USA and UK due to its geographical location was prone to creating a strong naval force, with which he projected his power and influence over some regions of the world. Opposite to these countries – France, Germany, etc. – are traditionally called continental, implying highest priority for their military forces in the land theater of hostilities. These countries normally referred and Russia. However, on closer scrutiny, the history of Russia, we may find that this statement is controversial. The Russian government has access to three seas and 2 oceans, and its territory includes a large number of rivers and lakes, so marine component played a major role in its history.

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Strategic cooperation of Russia and Germany through the prism of geopolitical competition in the energy sector
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

The desire of States to gain economic power naturally leads them to attempt enterprises for mutually beneficial cooperation. However, the geopolitical struggle often puts this barrier. So, the potential Union of Germany with its innovative technologies, and Russia possesses enormous reserves of raw materials, could change the geopolitical alignment of forces in the world that for many decades causes concern of the USA – a country that strives to maintain its position of a superpower. One of the areas that are subjected to anti-is energy cooperation. This article discusses the geopolitical clash of interests through the prism of gas cooperation.

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Solutions to political crises in the Asia-Pacific region

Recently the situation around the territorial disputes in the Asia-Pacific region. Conflict becomes more significant influence on their development have lead countries of this region.

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