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Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

Does every new German Chancellor before taking office must come to Washington and sign a secret document?

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NordLink: Norway will become a "battery" of Germany
Проект: New in Science

Investment agreement on laying on the bottom of the North sea high voltage transmission lines with a length of 623 kilometers will give a powerful impetus to the German renewable energy sector. And not only German.

16-02-2015 admin 2468 0

Leaving the West behind: Germany looks East
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

Germany's policy towards Russia for many years was based on political contacts and economic interdependence. When Willy Brandt was in 1969 became Chancellor of West Germany, he sought to achieve a balance between protecting the interests of the West and a more open interaction with the Soviet Union. His new approach received the name "Eastern policy". Brandt believed that the political and economic relations between the two powers must in the end lead to the reunification of Germany. This strategy, his Advisor Egon Bar gave the name which can be translated as "change, based on the resumption of friendly relations".

26-12-2014 admin 1607 0

The end of East policy. It is time for Russia to get used to the new Germany
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

"Nothing is for companies more important than legal security, stability and peace as a basic premise that it was possible to conduct successful economic activities". These words belong to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Uttering them, she made it clear that, although due to anti-Russian sanctions to affect the interests of the German producers, for the foreseeable future to abolish trade restrictions Berlin is not planning. "They are inevitable", said the Chancellor, speaking at a Congress of European family businesses.

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Germany is fighting for the lead in the global industry with the help of smart plants
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Germany tries to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. A huge role in these efforts plays a plant of Siemens in the town of Amberg. But the point is not that it is doing(in this case, automated equipment for factories BASF, Bayer, Daimler, BMW and many other companies), and with the help of the Internet organized communication between its 1000 production units. Most of them can communicate to each other information and assemble the components without any input from the person, although the size of the plant on which they are located, exceed 9000 sqm

29-10-2014 admin 1668 0

What's brewing in Berlin: is Merkel evaluates the past failures of the US/EU and the future of Russian-Chinese relations
Проект: Present and future of Europe

In the current geopolitical situation, energy, loans, insecurity of paper money, sovereign debt and banking risks were interwoven in a complex tangle. The power of Saudi Arabia, the brutality of ISIS and the falseness of the West — all the result of what was considered "crazy conspiracy theories".

01-10-2014 admin 1512 0

17 secret flight "Junkers"
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

On August 16, 1944 test pilot of the company "Junkers", Holzbauer Siegfried (Siegfried Holzbauer) was first raised in the air, unusual in all respects the car. It was a Junkers Ju-287 the world's first bomber with a reverse sweep of the wing, and with turbojet engines.

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Accession to the BRICS – Germany's secret plan?
Проект: Russia - Germany: a new alliance?

American financial analyst Jim Willie believes that US pressure on European countries can lead to irreversible consequences. In particular, Germany may well plan to join BRICS.

27-07-2014 admin 2284 0

World war II: the Huge German "king tiger" was a mistake
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

In July of 1944 in Normandy the Wehrmacht, first used his "ACE of trumps" tanks "Tiger II". In battle, they had no equal. However, he soon found their biggest weaknesses.

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"Americans take care of our gold"
Проект: Causes and nature of the current crisis

No, still not about the Russian gold, and German. Just last week, we published a post titled "End the fed", which literally blew up a German Internet. Interestingly, after just a few days later, we learned that German politicians decided to continue to keep the national gold in new York, instead of returned as planned.

25-06-2014 admin 1963 0

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