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Cosmic rays quietly damage the computers on Earth
Проект: New in Science

In the magazine the New Yorker published an article "a Friendship that made Google great" written by some of the best programmers in Silicon valley by Jeff Dean and Sanjay ghemawat with. They're working at Google since 1999 and is the only one who is in the company of senior scientific employees — the highest level in the corporate hierarchy of developers.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring for the week from 03 to 09 Dec 2018

Laser complex "Peresvet" was replaced on combat duty in Russia; Russia has completed testing of the complex artrazvedki "Penicillin"; new Corvette "Loud" during state testing for the first time used ASW complex "Package", the concern "Kalashnikov" said the test Arctic clothing; su-57 armed hypersonic missile; the newest small-size missile ship "Orekhovo-Zuyevo" first came to Sevastopol; radar horizon detection "Container" will be put on combat duty in 2019; in the Kursk regiment received the su-30CM; two new su-34 entered the regiment of the CVO in Siberia; over the last month in the southern military district troops delivered about 200 units of new and upgraded equipment; three modernized fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM joined the regiment CVO in Prikamye. About these and other developments in the media monitoring for the week from 03 to 09.12.2018.

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Biologists have created the most advanced artificial cells
Проект: New in Science

Modern science is far enough advanced in the creation of various artificial organs and this is not news. And how do you artificial cells that can perform many of the functions of their living counterparts, but non-biological mechanisms in the conventional sense? Of course, when examining under the microscope any biologist will immediately identify an artificial cell, but it's still a real breakthrough in medicine, as to create artificial structural element of the body with this level of organization had not done before.

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Standards nestow
Проект: Future of the Information Society

There will now be arguments on the topic of changes in morality caused by overly long life, so long that it already does not climb in any gate.

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Burglars genome demonstrated that no DNA will no longer be anonymous
Проект: New in Science

In 2013, the young specialist in computational biology, Yaniv Erlich, shocked the research community, showinghow to reveal the identities of the people listed in anonymous genetic database using only the Internet connection. Regulators responded by restricting access to anonymous genetic sets of biomedical data. The representative of the National institutes of health reported then: "the Chances that this will happen, for most people are small, though not zero."

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Artificial intelligence is concerned with physics, can display the laws of imaginary universes
Проект: New in Science

After training the AI tricks that physicists use to understand the real world, is extremely powerful machine.

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Rocket Lab has launched six satellites on a rocket with printed engine
Проект: New in Science

Startup that has created an easy rocket Electron, reported the first successful commercial mission. In December he's planning another run, and a year later plans to launch satellites on a weekly basis.

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Scientists tried for two years to find out who can "sacrifice" unmanned vehicle: the passengers or pedestrians, men or women. Clearer did not...
Проект: Future of the Information Society

In 2016, the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) published a special test, which was to help the makers of self-driving cars to formulate the basic ethical principles for artificial intelligence. In the study, researchers tried to figure out how to behave unmanned vehicle during an accident, and whose life must be a priority: women or men, young or elderly, pedestrians crossing the road by the rules — or offenders.

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Why we need to stop confusing human and machine intelligence
Проект: New in Science

We are already accustomed to hearing phrases such as "machine learning" and "artificial intelligence". We think that someone was able to reproduce a human mind inside a computer. This, of course, not true. But part of the reason why this idea is so common is because the metaphor of human learning and intelligence was very useful to explain machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some researchers of artificial intelligence have maintained close contact with the community of neuroscientists, and the inspiration goes both ways.

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Scientists from MIT said that could be responsible for the development of intelligence
Проект: New in Science

Despite the fact that the nervous system of humans and other mammals already studied well enough how some of its aspects still remains a mystery. For example, if we compare the structure of the brain of humans and our closest of kin creatures primates, differences are not so much. However, all this does not explain the origin of a man of such unique properties, such as intelligence. And perhaps scientists from MIT came close to understanding what gives us this intelligence.

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