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The reform of the RAS is recognized as a failure: FANO expands, institutions evicted
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

The Union of the Academy of Sciences conducted a survey of Russian scientists on the results of three years of transformation.

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The re-establishment of the society of adherents of military knowledge
Проект: On the national idea

Multimedia press conference on the re-establishment of the Society of adherents of military knowledge.

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Every brain has a "unique identification mark"
Проект: New in Science

People often say: "different people's brain works differently". A team of scientists led by researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has recently proved it literally. Researchers have developed a method of "fingerprinting" of the human brain using the method of magnetic resonance imaging, found that structural brain connections are so unique in each individual case that can be used as an identifying factor of each individual.

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Russian chemists opened the first "real" connection helium
Проект: New in Science

Russian and foreign chemists speak about the possibility of the existence of two stable compounds of the "xenophobic" elements – helium, and experimentally confirmed the existence of one of them – gelida of sodium, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Chemistry.

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IBM's five predictions about the kind of future awaits us in 2022
Проект: New in Science

Technology giant IBM is not the first year makes very strong predictions about our technological future. And it should be noted that the percentage of correct predictions in surprising ways is always higher than the percentage of the infidels. So this time the company presented a list of five innovative technologies, methods and discoveries which, in its opinion, will have the greatest impact on our lives for five future years.

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Scientists are sounding the alarm: the era of antibiotics ends
Проект: New in Science

Recently it seemed that humanity had won almost all his major enemies, like cholera. However, there are bacteria that have managed to adapt to all known drugs. If the microcosm will increase the pressure, according to doctors in a few years, the threat can be any scratch.

22-01-2017 admin 329 0

The first "animal cells" can be created by viruses
Проект: New in Science

When a virus infects a living cell, it hijacks and preprogrammed the cage, turning it into a factory for the production of the virus. Scientists from the University of California first discovered, how serious could it be reprogramming: the cells of bacteria effectively transformed into animal or plant cells. Perhaps it is so appeared the first cells of complex organisms.

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Academician Yury Ryzhov: "Russia is on the verge of a terrible collapse"
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

"Most officials focused like a dog on the wind, their main task is to predict what will appeal to the authorities"

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Scientists have rejuvenated the whole animal stem cells
Проект: New in Science

Scientists first applied the method of cell reprogramming to reverse of process of cellular aging of a living organism. As a test using a special laboratory mouse, which had a form of premature aging. Method of cellular reprogramming have shown a 30% increase in lifetime, compared to the control rodents.

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On December 19 in history: Altair 8800 — the progenitor of the personal computer
Проект: New in Science

19 December 1974 went on sale the Altair 8800, claiming the title of the world's first personal computer. Or, at least, the device which inspired the engineers to create a PC.

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