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Cassini-Huygens — the final 20 years of research
Проект: New in Science

15 September at 14:54 Moscow time (11:54 UTC) terminated without one month a 20-year mission Cassini — orbital "half" automatic interplanetary station Cassini-Huygens (mission landing probe "Huygens" was completed on 14 January 2005, an hour after landing on Titan). It was only 4-I mission to Saturn after the Pioneer 11 and the two Voyagers, and the only one in which the unit went on its orbit. The next mission to the Saturn system shall be held no earlier than 2029.

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China made new progress in the race of supercomputers
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China is financing the development of the world's first prototype of a supercomputer for exaflops computing. The speed of the system will amount to a trillion operations per second. The power of the country will be directed on support of programs of marine research.

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Diesel era goes
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

A decisive step towards switching to electric cars does China, which accounts for a third of the world passenger car market. If he will announce the date of transition to electric cars, as did Britain, France and Norway, it can be considered the date of the final gasoline era.

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Does not fit in the orbit. The global space industry is experiencing a boom that Russia has overslept
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

The space services market is just emerging, but it is clear that our country is on it among the Laggards. Private space, rapidly developing in the United States, we have nominally: they had 84 running in 2015, 33 satellites were commercial, we have – 0 from 25. However, experts say: if you remove the artificial barriers, it is possible and we have to quickly develop a commercial space, we are not that behind, but just "not yet started".

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IBM sees artificial intelligence as a set of common algorithms
Проект: New in Science

We can already see examples of how artificial intelligence technology is able to show some that seem at first glance, characteristic only of human traits. We create humanoid robots, at least very similar to us, some are engaged in that create algorithms able to perform something that usually only people are able to write music, paintings or teaching.

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The media learned on additional delivery of Russian rocket engines in the United States

In the next month vendor rocket engine RD-180 NPO "Energomash" — a must visit, the delegation of the American company United Launch Alliance (ULA): the United States wants to purchase five Russian engines for launch vehicles Atlas V

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Russian universities were not included in the hundred best universities of the world
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

The first hundred of the authoritative international rating of universities according to Times Higher Education has not got not a single Russian University. The highest place was taken by MSU — 194-e a place. Only the top 1000 included 18 domestic universities.

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In Russia build Arctic robots for production of hydrocarbons
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Their development included in the draft state program on development of the Arctic zone.

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DARPA is working on improving human emotions with computers
Проект: New in Science

The U.S. Department of defense continues its work on brain-computer interfaces and, through its Office of advanced research projects (DARPA) has signed contracts with five research groups and one private company.

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Gubarev V. "the murder of the Russian Academy of Sciences: contemporary history of science in Russia"
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

It seems that the fate of the Russian Academy of Sciences resolved. And she sunk the foremost of the reforms. Only here with what sign they will be is the big question. Hope that everything will turn out positively, is hardly necessary.

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