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The first all-Russian meeting of marine painters was held in Moscow
Проект: Sea policy

April 25 in Moscow hosted the first all-Russian meeting of marine painters, which brought together participants from more than 65 regions of our country.

26-04-2018 Gornova Anna M. 1469 0

Why the show is a work of art of the XXI century?
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

This summer, "Game of thrones" returns to the screens! Television series have become a ubiquitous phenomenon in contemporary society and are very popular among young generations. Specialist series Vincent Colonna believes that they should be seen as one of the main cultural and artistic forces of our time.

10-08-2017 admin 957 0

The destruction, looting and pillaging... "al-Ahram" reveals the silence of the museums affected by the "Arab spring"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Iraq is a country of museums which had been stolen, and stolen the large number of archaeological artifacts — 3100. As every year celebrate the international day of museums, when there is vandalism and looting? Islamic monuments in Syria were not saved, the Holy ascetics of the prophet Muhammad was blown up by members of the Islamic state (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Since 2011, the Syrian monuments and museums, especially museums Louts, always destroying and robbing.

16-07-2017 admin 1193 0

Khlebnikov, M. V., `a conspiracy Theory. The experience of social and cultural studies`
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

The published work represents the first in Russian investigation of "conspiracy theories" considered in a broad sociocultural context. The reader is offered an original concept of the origin and development of conspiracy mentality, classification of "conspiracy theories", identifies the reasons for its popularity among various social groups.

23-07-2013 admin 3257 0

Bicilli P. M. "the Tragedy of the Russian culture"
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

The book includes articles on the literature and culture of outstanding historian and philologist of Russian émigré Pyotr Mikhailovich Bitsilli (1879-1953).

21-02-2013 admin 3495 0

The position of the Russian language in Ukraine in the context of the adoption of the draft law "On State Language Policy". The reaction and opinion.
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

According to the definition of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (1992) "regional or minority languages" - a language that:

21-02-2013 catherine 3144 0

B. V. Veimarn, Boris R. Vipper and others. "General history of art. In 6 volumes"
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

"Universal history of art" prepared by the Institute of theory and history of fine arts of the Academy of arts of the USSR with the participation of scientists - art historians, other academic institutions and museums: the State Hermitage, the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin and etc.

20-02-2013 admin 4715 0

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