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"South stream": the energy for the sovereignty and development of Serbia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Three weeks ago in the Serbian media started a large information campaign was headed by B92, channel with an opaque ownership structure and is fairly obvious Pro-NATO agenda. The campaign was designed to undermine, to question the "South stream" gas pipeline project of Gazprom, which partially crosses the territory of Serbia.

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Central Asia under the flag of China: implications for Russia

"The Chinese have always been clever agents "Realpolitik" adherents and strategic doctrines, clearly different from the strategy and diplomacy, who preferred to spend in the West" Henry Kissinger

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Gazprom is the new competitor of Turkmenistan in China?
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

On 21 may Russia and China signed a historic decision on gas. But it is historical not because of the amount specified in the contract is 400 billion dollars for 30 years (annual gas supply of 38 billion cubic meters), and because completing a decade of negotiations between Moscow and Beijing, and marks the beginning of the real conquest by Russia Chinese and Asian gas markets. And it's not about what Russia wants in any way to immediately switch to the Chinese market and to stop to supply Europe. Such geopolitical switching dictated by Putin's confrontation with the West and sanctions, which may be very inconvenient for the regime, far from reality and depend on many factors.

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New transport projects in the region
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Recently has intensified its efforts in the implementation of transport projects of international importance. This also applies to the regions of the South Caucasus and Caspian sea, to the final stage can be reached on a few projects. Unfortunately, in a certain sense, they may adversely affect the regional interests of the Republic of Armenia.

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China prepares for shale gas revolution?
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China, finally, has made important advances in the assessment of their huge reserves of shale gas, though for the beginning of active development of deposits still remain serious obstacles. Thanks to shale gas, the country will be able to cope with dependence on coal and to improve the environmental situation.

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China's cooperation with Russia marks the end of the era of the petrodollar
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Since the crisis in Ukraine, the end of the dollar is closer than ever in its history: Russia and China became allies. There are numerous evidence. Especially noticeable are two recent examples: Gazprom issued bonds in Chinese yuan, and Russia and China sign gas deal. That's not all, examples are numerous – 40 Central banks even place bets in the yuan as a future reserve currency.

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China: gas demand will grow 2.5 times by 2020
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Chinese authorities announced forecast of a significant increase in the consumption of natural gas by 2020, hinting at the need to increase volumes of deliveries of natural gas. According to the Xinhua news Agency (Xinhua), which is the official news Agency of the Chinese government, China would need 2.5 times more natural gas by the end of the current decade.

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The chance for coal and oil: how technology saves the usual fuel
Проект: New in Science

It is believed that the energy of the future is necessarily associated with renewable energy sources. But it is possible that the leading position of coal, oil and gas will continue. If modern technological solutions will help to get rid of carbon dioxide.

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US threatens Russia over actions to undermine the petrodollar
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

After news about a possible "Holy Grail" of Russia – gas deal with China – and its a barter deal with Iran, the US was seriously worried for the fate of its Almighty petrodollar.

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The alternative to the alternative: the US found a replacement for shale gas
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The share of electricity produced by wind turbines, was a record 4.8% of the total amount of electricity consumed in the United States of America in January 2014 according to the American Association of energy information. These results were achieved despite the negative circumstances.

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