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Astana will not stand three of them. Before the talks on Syria, Russia made a bid for Alliance with Turkey

Preparation for negotiations on the Syrian settlement in Astana, scheduled for January 23, has entered a decisive stage. In determining the future of Syria a leading position secured the three regional players — Russia, Turkey and Iran. However, after the announcement of a truce on the Syrian front within the triangle of Moscow—Ankara—Teheran has formed a new Alliance — Russia-Turkey. For the first time of the conflict, Ankara and Moscow are conducting joint operations against the "Islamic state", which is not covered by the ceasefire. The Alliance with Ankara was crucial, allowing us to solve several tasks: to give the West the initiative in the Syrian settlement, and in addition, to limit Iran's role, the task of which is to obtain the results of negotiations in Astana guarantees the indefinite perpetuation in power of Bashar al-Assad.

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Discomfort zones: a truce or partition Syria into spheres of influence?
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

Russia, Turkey and Iran are preparing to sign a deal on the division of Syria into informal zones of influence, reported Reuters.

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"Prevented the collapse of the Syrian state"

The Board of the Ministry of defence for the year defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the President on the results of operations in Syria and stressed that the Russian military has fulfilled its basic objectives in the country. Respondents "Газетой.Ru" experts believe that now is a good time for a political settlement of the situation, however, given the peculiarities of the conflict and the number of participating regional players war for Russia may be delayed for years.

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New Syrian axis
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

Someone would say that evacuation operation in Aleppo, despite some last minute problems, will be held thanks to the cooperation of Turkey, Russia and Iran? And that the coalition led by the USA will not be included in this process?

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A new crisis in relations with Russia could erupt in the sea

The Director of the Forum TÜSIAD foreign policy Hakan Yilmaz noted that the new crisis in relations of Russia and Turkey may occur because of Cyprus.

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The murder of the Ambassador and the Syrian question: what will the tragedy in Ankara

On Monday evening the 19th of December in the Turkish capital, was killed by Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. The diplomat spoke at the opening of the exhibition, when standing behind him the young man suddenly pulled out a gun and opened fire first into the air, then the bullet is for the bullet to Charles, shouting "Allah Akbar!", "Remember Aleppo!", "Remember Syria!".

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The murder of Andrew Charles: and was waiting for gingerbread?

I'm intentionally not going to put forward the version about who exactly was behind the murder of Andrei Gennadiyevich Karlov, of blessed memory. There is an investigation, the police of Ankara and counterintelligence tight work out of when shot during the arrest of the murderer of the Russian Ambassador — Mevlut of Altıntaş, 22-the summer native of the province of Aydin, a graduate of the police Academy in Izmir in 2014 and is currently serving in the Metropolitan special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

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Impact of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 on the discussion in the Russian periodical press in the state of the army and its logistics

It is well known that during the last Russo-Turkish war surfaced many shortcomings in the organization of army rear, in General, of the army and of warfare. All this could not pass the public opinion. Wrote prominent Russian researcher O. V. Orlik, "In the course of the war destroyed jingoistic sentiment inherent in the first large part of the officers, the army increasingly began to manifest oppositional and even revolutionary views." The public mood was reflected in the pages of periodicals.

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The shame of Israel to Syria: М60Т burn like candles
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

The fighting in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have become a real collapse of many of the myths about the invincibility of Western models of armored vehicles.

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WSJ: Turkey's Offensive on ISIS caught the United States unawares

August 24 Turkish troops crossed the border into Syria and attacked the militants of the "Islamic state"*. Officially, the Pentagon said on Turkish operations with praise and called it the result of a joint coordination of efforts, but top U.S. officials are unhappy that Turkey has warned Washington in advance.

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Возрастное ограничение