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Impact of the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 on the discussion in the Russian periodical press in the state of the army and its logistics

It is well known that during the last Russo-Turkish war surfaced many shortcomings in the organization of army rear, in General, of the army and of warfare. All this could not pass the public opinion. Wrote prominent Russian researcher O. V. Orlik, "In the course of the war destroyed jingoistic sentiment inherent in the first large part of the officers, the army increasingly began to manifest oppositional and even revolutionary views." The public mood was reflected in the pages of periodicals.

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The shame of Israel to Syria: М60Т burn like candles
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

The fighting in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have become a real collapse of many of the myths about the invincibility of Western models of armored vehicles.

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WSJ: Turkey's Offensive on ISIS caught the United States unawares

August 24 Turkish troops crossed the border into Syria and attacked the militants of the "Islamic state"*. Officially, the Pentagon said on Turkish operations with praise and called it the result of a joint coordination of efforts, but top U.S. officials are unhappy that Turkey has warned Washington in advance.

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Maneuvers at the border: what did the Turkey for five days of operation in Syria

The Syrian opposition during the Turkish operations for five days, has moved 10 km inland and took the city Amarina. The conflict on the Northern border prevent Moscow and Washington to develop a clear agreement on Syria.

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Turkey, Iran and Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Of course the events of July 15, directly hit in Turkey. But I suppose their effects is not limited. Indirectly, the the day July 15 was turned upside down the projects of the global hegemonic powers, who for the last quarter of the century, based on the number of memorized ideas, implement its plan of chaos in the Mediterranean basin, the middle East and Eurasia. So, not always things go as in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the middle East. You see, along with the "toothy" Russia and Iran have a "toothy" Turkey. The risk for hegemonic powers have increased. In the period when they are individually engaged in Turkey, Iran and Russia, there was a picture of these three forces at one point began to approach each other. I have no doubt that in the future, to break this pattern, the hegemony will further tempt fate. Where it leads we do not know. Let's wait and see.

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America in the Balkans

Every American administration seeks to use the Balkans to send political messages to Russia, especially when relationships are on the verge of conflict. At this time, Washington once again turned to the "Balkan", but now to send the message to Ankara after Turkish officials appeared hostile tone towards their American counterparts on the backdrop of the Syrian war and possible problems in the Balkans — the Western borders of Turkey.

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That will change the Turkish invasion of Syria?

The civil war in Syria has lasted for more than five years and yet shows no signs of a speedy cessation. On the contrary, it involved more number of participants – this week they were joined by Turkey, which tanks entered the territory of neighbouring States with the aim of supporting the "Free Syrian army" (CAC) in the liberation of the border city Jarablus from the militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state". To see the city managed without any problems – according to the Turkish Ministry of defense, during the operation killed one soldier of the SAS, another two dozen were injured. This loss of jihadists allegedly amounted to at least 30 people were killed. It is worth noting that Turkey has previously participated in strikes on positions "Islamic state", but it was done exclusively from the air. In addition, she became the first country where military vehicles entered Syrian territory.

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Erdogan did not read a single book about diplomacy, but can he write them

Bravo, President Erdogan! My applause to the former seller of the buns, the little wolf of the Istanbul streets, managed to cheat the two superpowers, put to the wall , the European Union and to intimidate all of its neighbors. Yeah, he's got a fake University diploma. And what is real? He had the animal instinct for blood, the ability to calculate others ' weaknesses, and a brilliant blackmailer.

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Le Monde: Turkey could enter Syria without the consent of Moscow

The influence of Russia on the situation in Syria is so great that without at least the tacit consent of Moscow Turkey could not join the strikes against the Islamists, writes Le Monde. However, Turkey largely not involved in the fight against "Islamic state", and trying to prevent the unification of the Kurds on its borders, the newspaper notes.

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Turkey repeated in Syria, his blitzkrieg 500 years ago

On 24 August 1516, the Ottoman army invaded Syria, and with the same cordon took the city Dzharablus and Dabic.

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Возрастное ограничение