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Military cooperation: Serbia closer to the West or East?

Defence policy of Serbia based on "military neutrality and independent defence building, as well as cooperation with other countries and international organizations in accordance with their own interests, needs and principles," as stated in one official presentation of the Serbian positions "in the line of fire". According to the current concept, the foreign policy of Serbia and, of course, cooperation in the field of defence basically focused on the US, China, the Russian Federation and the EU as the world's leading power. In relation to NATO defense policy an important goal recognizes the development of cooperation in the framework of the program "Partnership for peace" to achieve the standards of security required for integration with the EU. In practice, in the field of defense flexible line up relations with partner countries, so, for example, stated "on paper" ties with China are rapidly developing, but they are very limited. They literally symbolic due to the geographical remoteness of the two countries and the lack of real need for such events as tactical exercises.

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Russia will establish an additional weapon system on the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Leader"
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Broadcast "the military Bulletin Evening" (a popular television show with a military theme in China — approx. transl.) 25 Nov it is the leading Zhu Sidi announced that Russia would complete work on a nuclear icebreaker of project 10510 "Leader" until the end of this year. Today it is considered the largest in the world and the hereafter can be adapted for military purposes. What will be the scope of "Leader"? And what are the strategic interests Russia is providing military equipment icebreaker civil Navy? We talked about it with military expert Du Vanelona.

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Tank T-72 for over forty years, but he remains the mainstay of the Russian army
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Although Russia 3 500 tanks T-80, is a dead end. Of great interest is the T-14 "Armata", which is a modern tank of the new generation. But in the near future mass production of this car will hardly start, and it will not soon become the main battle tank of Russia. This means that the T-72 remains the mainstay of Russian armored forces for the foreseeable future.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring for the week from 13 to 19.11.2017 year

Published video of the first flight of the newest "flying radar" A-100; the third phase of testing of PD-14 engine will begin in December 2017 – ODK; in Russia produced the first "Pantsir-SM"; Chinese hypersonic weapon was caught on video; party upgraded flamethrower system TOS-1A "Sun" is preparing to send in troops; in 2018, the airborne forces will receive more than 30 modernized artillery systems and machines intelligence and fire control; VCS adopted a batch of new helicopters Ansat-U; the special forces of the southern military district armed with radios of a new generation of "Winding-KS"; the first batch of new Mi-28UB enrolled in the aviation center videoconferencing; in the TSB will form units of heavy flamethrower system "Sun"; in the year of the 100th anniversary of troops NBC will adopt a new intelligence robot; regiment ZVO intensified attack helicopter Mi-28N "Night hunter"; BDK "Ivan Gren" has completed factory sea trials; in Beijing held a joint Russian-Chinese computer exercise on missile defense. About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 13 to 19. 11. 2017.

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How will arm the Armed forces of Russia in the next ten years?
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Analysis of information on the State armaments program for the period from 2018 to 2027, on the eve of its approval.  

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Torpedo doomsday: why Russian underwater nuclear weapons
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Gigantic, glowing from within steam dome soared into the sky above the Bay lips Black for a few seconds froze and rattled the donkey in the sea utyanuv for a in the depths of a small Navy.

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Air battle the 6th generation: the development of aircraft-complex future
Проект: New in the military

Today, the media increasingly is the theme of the weapons of the next generation. For example, materials that work on the new aircraft of the 6th generation is already underway in several countries, including Russia, appear regularly in the press. The correspondent of the "Army standard" has compiled and analyzed these data as well as information from its own sources in the defense industry.

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Fighting obesity: why Americans can't build a modern infantry fighting vehicles
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

For the past 14 years, the Pentagon is trying to find a replacement for the infantry fighting vehicle Bradley, which was adopted in 1981. However, the US failed to create a prototype of the BMP that would meet the requirements of modern warfare. At the moment Washington is funding for a third program for the development of new types of light armored vehicles, but experts believe that in this case the Americans will not develop a competitive car. Why can't the US design a new generation of infantry fighting vehicles at RT.

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Kings field: the new Russian machine guns for the army and special forces
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Gun is the concentrated essence of infantry – a commonplace saying perfectly describes the significance of this type of weapon. The minimum tactical unit, Department, is built around a light machine gun; the actions of the platoon provided fire heavy machine guns – their firing positions are the key points on the battlefield.

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Center Wilson: biological GMO-guns are dangerous as nuclear weapons, but it's much easier to make
Проект: New in the military

International center for scholars Woodrow Wilson (or Wilson Center) prepared a report on "Intelligent and connected to the Internet of the laboratory of the future: the prospects and dangers of the Fourth industrial revolution".

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