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The threat of terrorist attacks at the upcoming Olympic games reveal the "big game"

Recently one of my dear people was asked what I thought about the possibility of terrorist attacks in Sochi committed "false flag". He is well prepared, possesses information and not chasing miracles by rabbit burrows. At first I did not give the issue adequate attention. But aftermuch, turned to a friend associated with intelligence. I was somewhat surprised, having received everywhere the same answer. I have outlined a very logical (and disturbing) scenario associated with the current situation in the middle East.

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Prince Bandar and his terrorist network

Saudi Arabia has all the vices and none of the advantages of the oil-rich state like Venezuela. The country is ruled by a family dictatorship which tolerates no opposition and severely cracked down on human rights defenders and political dissidents. Hundreds of billions of oil revenues are subject to Royal tyranny and fueled speculative investments worldwide. In the task of protect the ruling elite relies on Western weapons and American military bases. The wealth of Nations producers pumped out for the sake of increasing conspicuous consumption level of the Saudi ruling family. The elite in power finances the most fanatical, retrograde, sexist version of Islam, "Wahhabi" sect of Sunni Islam.

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From Sheikh kindled the flame. In Iraq began the Sunni uprising
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

At the end of 2013 in Iraq's Anbar province began a rebellion of Sunnis dissatisfied with the Shiite leadership of the country and angered by the arrest of his countryman — tribal Sheikh, Deputy of the national Parliament. The government declared the rebels terrorists, and the army began preparations for military operations, which could lead to a civil war with unpredictable consequences.

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Arabic vector of foreign policy of Russia
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The article on the basis of regional Arab media have evaluated the relationship of the countries of the region to Russia and Russian policy for winter 2013

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The Russian-Saudi Arabian opposition around Sochi

According to some reports, summer, the head of the Saudi intelligence Prince Bandar offered Russian President Putin a deal: if Russia abandons Syria, Saudi Arabia will ensure the protection of the Olympic games in Sochi from Islamic terrorists. They say that Putin has angrily rejected the proposal. Now, writes Robert parry, after two terrorist attacks in Russia, the next move by Putin.

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Saudi Arabia is losing control of the region
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Saudi Arabia is gradually losing control over the region and soon may lose control over the oil market. The growth of shale gas production in the U.S. could undermine Saudi Arabia's position in world energy markets much faster than previously thought. Experts believe that such dynamics of shale gas production can greatly affect the situation in North Africa and the middle East.

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The Arab world in 2014
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

To understand the Arab world in 2014 means first of all to draw a picture of the changing environment on which the wind howled protest movement. This is a common trend, which, however, varies considerably in form and intensity. Its roots go back to national and local realities, however, it resulted in the strongest shock wave on the international level.

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In the chaos of the middle East terrorism is born "safety Arch"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Many observers are right to notice that the middle East is undergoing yet another seismic shift – that the Russian reached through the mediation of the agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons Arsenal Syria, us-Iran rapprochement, the fall of the strategic value of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and also US withdrawal from Afghanistan will make a substantial contribution to the changing dynamics of the region.

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New shape of the Middle East after the "Arab spring"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

It was exactly three years after the start of the Arab spring that began in Tunisia and quickly flowed on e in the "color revolutions". In these "revolutionary" processes, spurred on by the Wahhabis of Arabia and financed by the petrodollars of Saudi Arabia and natural gas revenues of Qatar, has actively involved foreign mercenaries from numerous extremist and terrorist groups the most various Islamic countries. To date, apparently, the "revolutionary spirit" had vanished, and countries for which a wave of "revolutions" are in ruins or are on the verge of collapse. The middle East, which we knew all these years and until December 2011, no longer exists. So what are the results of the Arab "spring" and that waiting for this forever troubled region in the future?

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Obama pushes new U.S. policy in the middle East region
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Obama said that uses the right of veto and block a bill relating to the adoption of new sanctions against Iran. Hard confrontation with his policy on Iran is not surprising - the situation is far from stable and irreversible.

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