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Bahrain warns: "Schizophrenic" U.S. policy pushing Arab countries into the arms of Russia
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

"Schizophrenic" approach of America to the Middle East could result in many key Arab countries will decide closer to join Russia warned on Sunday the rulers of Bahrain.

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Egyptian-Turkish relations through the prism of geopolitical confrontation
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

November 23, 2013, the Turkish Ambassador, hüseyin Avni Botsali in Egypt was declared persona non grata, and Egypt recalled its Ambassador from Ankara. In response, Turkey has taken similar steps. The decision of the Egyptian government due to repeated statements of Turkish Premier Recep Erdogan in support of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the attempt at interference in the internal Affairs of the country.

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Arab press reaction to the terrorist act in Beirut
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Tuesday, November 19, in the southern part of Beirut, between the districts of bir Hasan and Jana, where are the Iranian Embassy and the complex of buildings belonging to the group Hezbollah, has thundered two explosions, which killed 23 and injured 146 people. Among the dead an employee of the Iranian Embassy.

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Three forces in the middle East was finally formed
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

"Turkish officials believe Saudi Arabia, along with Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, are strategically working against the interests of two different regional blocs: Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Iraq on one front, and Turkey, Qatar, Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood on the other."

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Saudi Arabia sew "firing the article"?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Growing public conflict between Saudi Arabia and Western countries suddenly acquired a new shape. This time the monarchy had been charged with the desire to acquire nuclear weapons. November 7, the British newspaper "the guardian" published the news that Saudi Arabia, allegedly, intends to acquire in Pakistan ready ballistic medium-range missiles with nuclear warheads. The desire to have weapons of mass destruction is a very serious allegation, which had caused real wars.

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The tragic fate of the armed forces of Arab States
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Judging by the number and dates of publications, the theme of the destruction of the Arab armies is one of the real problems of the Arab world.

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What actually are the reasons of conflict between the USA and Saudi Arabia

The problem of the external security of Saudi Arabia at the present stage you can start to consider since the refusal of the government of Harold Wilson from military presence in the Middle East in the 60s-70s.

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Pax Sinica in the middle East?
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The English-language media completely ignored a noteworthy statement that caused the facing to the China's call for German website Der Spiegel "to take responsibility as a world power" in the middle East.

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A tribute to independence. Saudi Arabia refused strategic partnership with the USA

The head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar bin Sultan announced a "steep turn" the foreign policy of his country. According to him, now the Kingdom will cease to focus on Washington, ignoring the interests of Riyadh. If this information is confirmed, the middle East and the world in General will see big changes. Foreign policy Saudi Arabia has never been public.

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Will it be possible to stop the collapse of greater Middle East?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

The American newspaper the New York Times presented a new map of the Middle East. It is composed of scientists of the U.S. Institute of peace Robin Wright. Previously on "brain centers" of the United States such maps have been circulating a lot. The first project, which involves the redrawing of borders in the middle East, was described in the times of President bill Clinton's administration in the monograph of the American researchers J. Kemp and R. Harkavy "Strategic geography and the changing middle East" (1997). After the events of 11 September 2001 was circulated report Douglas Feith, and then his book "War and the resolve", where the question was raised about the need for redrawing of borders in the middle East. Was also published by the American General Wesley Clark's "winning modern war", where in a list of "condemned countries" were listed Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Somalia.

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