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From Iraq to Africa: the Western coalition to fight ISIS on

The Western coalition has summarized the confrontation with the Islamists in Iraq. After the liberation of Mosul, the military effort will focus on Syria and Africa, and the humanitarian — reconstruction of the liberated areas.

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The destruction, looting and pillaging... "al-Ahram" reveals the silence of the museums affected by the "Arab spring"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Iraq is a country of museums which had been stolen, and stolen the large number of archaeological artifacts — 3100. As every year celebrate the international day of museums, when there is vandalism and looting? Islamic monuments in Syria were not saved, the Holy ascetics of the prophet Muhammad was blown up by members of the Islamic state (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Since 2011, the Syrian monuments and museums, especially museums Louts, always destroying and robbing.

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For Qatari conflict may be military contracts USA

Saudi Arabia gave Qatar 24 hours to complete the ultimatum of the 10 conditions. Qatar back again complains that it "framed" hackers. The FBI learned – it was Russian hackers, says CNN, citing unnamed US officials. However, the true reason of the diplomatic conflict in the Persian Gulf, the cover of which is this hype you might find in the States themselves.

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Qatar — trump Russia in the "gas war" with Poland and Ukraine

Pol'sha has long wanted to kick Gazprom out of Europe. The reason is simple: Warsaw intends to sell to neighbors LNG from Qatar, which is their major terminal in Swinoujscie. As found life, the former Polish Prime Minister and current EU President Donald Tusk has written to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker a letter demanding to stop the construction of the Russian project "Northern stream — 2". However, the plans "antiespionage" lobby may prevent Qatar...

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Why tiny Qatar is irritating Saudi Arabia and its allies

Monday, 5 June, Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Qatar, explaining his decision by the fact that this tiny country is too tolerant of Iran and Islamist groups such as Muslim brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt took the decision to break off diplomatic relations with Qatar comes just a week after US President Donald trump visited the region and together with Saudi Arabia has criticized Iran for supporting terrorists in countries from Syria to Yemen.

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Qatar in isolation: the Arab countries have accused him of terrorism and severed diplomatic relations

Opinion of diplomats and the expulsion of nationals — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain announced the severance of relations with Qatar.

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Riyadh does not want Tajikistan's accession to the Eurasian Union – Turkish expert

In early may, media reported that Saudi Arabia will allocate to Tajikistan grant in the amount of $200 million for the construction of new parliamentary and government complexes. What's behind the generous gift of Riyadh? Turkish political analyst, senior analyst expert network "Ankara-Moscow" Engin Lakes shared his version.

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Trump's visit to Riyadh: a record arms deal and strategic partnership

The parties signed a number of agreements at $280 billion, having signed including the largest in U.S. history, defense contract, the amount of which amounted to almost $110 billion.

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16 Russian special forces against 300 fighters
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" became known details of the battle in Syria, in which four officers of the special operations Forces of the Russian Federation submitted to the state awards.

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The jet system of volley fire Jobaria TCL (UAE)
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

A few years ago, widely known among professionals and Amateurs of military equipment was received by the company Jobaria Defense Systems of United Arab Emirates. The reason for the world fame has become the latest jet system of volley fire MCL presented at the exhibition IDEX-2013. This complex rocket artillery was distinguished by a uniquely high fire power and therefore could not attract attention. Famous, of the UAE, the company continued the development of artillery systems. Not so long ago she presented a new version of MLRS, characterized by the use of other methods to increase the basic combat characteristics. This development was named Jobaria TCL.

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