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The second Lebanon war: the story and lessons

Ten years ago, August 14, 2006 at 08:00 local time, entered into force a truce, which ended the Second Lebanon war. About the history of this 34-day conflict at RT.

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The tipping point: how taking Aleppo could affect the resolution of the Syrian conflict

Aleppo in the ring. The defeat of entrenched in the city and desperately resisting the militants, it seems, a matter of time. But the storm is not yet considered. To minimize losses among the civilian population, the Russian military and the Syrian government carried out a humanitarian operation and urged the extremists to lay down arms. On the situation on the fronts and the strategic importance of Aleppo at RT.

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The reasons why the UAE withdrew its troops from Yemen

Bulletin "Intelligence online" in the article "Dans les coulisses du withdrawal emirati du Turkmenistan" reports that Abu Dhabi feels betrayed on the part of Riyadh, and the Charter to provide military support for the Yemeni government, which the UAE does not approve of, after lengthy negotiations, decided to withdraw its troops from Yemen.

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120 hours in the air: in Russia began to experience an attack drone
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

In Russia began flight tests of shock drone that is developed by the company ADCOM Systems from the UAE. As have informed Agency of RIA of news a source in the military-industrial complex, test Emirati drone United 40 has begun in the state flight test centre (glits) of the Ministry of defence of Russia named after Chkalov.

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China prepares for Russia a footboard in the Middle East
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The Chinese leader Xi Jinping intends to visit Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. Consequences of visits don't promise Russia anything good.

26-01-2016 admin 2176 0

Big Middle Eastern trap

The president Barack Obama made the last appeal to the Congress. The term of its powers comes to an end soon, and many analysts consider the most considerable achievement of its administration removal of sanctions from Iran. On the other hand, the Middle Eastern policy of the USA which brought to sharp, already four times to falling of price of oil, is still a riddle: whether it is new strategy of Washington in the world, whether the next zigzag of so-called policy of "the operated chaos". The Middle East can become for someone a trap of "chaos", but for whom? Here in what a question …

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Big game in the Middle East: stab in the back of the USA
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

"Big game" in the Middle East, since 19th century, never terminated. Periodically its form, players, their purposes and tasks which they set for themselves changed. The Middle East — it not only a cradle of civilizations and the biggest oil and gas tank of the planet, it also a traditional place of crossing of cultures, international trade where three parts of the world together meet: Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Ankara and Tehran: Conflict or partnership?

The exchange more than strong statements between Ankara and Tehran in December of the past and at the beginning of January of this year raised a question of whether not to increase to already existing list of the conflicts connected with the Middle East also opposition of Iran and Turkey. Relevance of this question especially increased after act of terrorism on January 12 in Istanbul which the USA and NATO already try to present to Erdogan and Davutoglu as argument for expansion of cooperation of Ankara with the West in Syria.

14-01-2016 Pankratenko Igor N. 1935 0

Saudi Arabia seeks to fix the leadership

Passed enough time to understand the reasons of unexpected creation of the coalition of the Islamic states by Saudi Arabia on fight against the international terrorism, after all the first that this news caused is a surprise.

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Iran provoked an agony of Saudi Arabia

The Middle Eastern conflict comes nearer to the apogee. Intentions of key players every day become more transparent, and actions everything are more impudent and more provocative.

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