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"Islamic State": the nature and confrontation
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Caucasian geopolitical Club (SCC) is an analytical overview report "Islamic state": the nature and the opposition. " The work includes a detailed description of the genesis of "IG" of the Middle East context of his "activities" and the threats posed by the terrorist quasi-state formations of Russia, Europe, the countries of the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. The report also analyzes the prospects for further expansion "IG" and offers practical advice to neutralize its destructive effect.

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The word "LIH" is written in the same font as the "Hollywood"
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Militants executed ISIS Director architectural reserve town of Palmyra. 82-year-old Khaled Asaad was beheaded and his body hanged on the ancient column in the town square. ISIS has created a name for himself and became famous not only because of exceptional cruelty. You never know who is cruel. But usually the countries, organizations and people hide their cruelty. Hide, even if not ashamed of it, and ISIS cruelly paraded defiantly.

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Why Saudi Arabia hoard oil?
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Commercial oil reserves in Saudi Arabia in August unexpectedly rose and reached a multi-year record. The export is reduced, and all this reflects the failure of the Kingdom effectively sell oil on the world market.

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Why "ISIS" invincible
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Home Russian operations against the Islamic state in Syria has caused a storm of criticism and approval by both the Russian and the international community. Some consider this the beginning of the end of the Islamic state, someone - the basis for a new round of instability. However, hardly anyone disputes the fact that the Islamic state - to attack, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

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Yemen: union of ISIS , the United States and the Arab monarchies
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Western Union and "Al Qaeda". This is not fiction fans "conspiracy theories" and the very real situation in Yemen. In early September, the country was invaded by the troops of the Arab monarchies, supported by the United States and radical Islamists, with whom Washington is noisy, but more than a strange war.

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Lowdown: Making Sense of Russia's Syria Strategy

Russians are once again proving to be cold-blooded strategists. The Kremlin’s recent move in Syria has caught off guard not only ISIS, but also most Western intelligence services and analysts. Russia’s ability to alter the strategic situation on the ground with minimum efforts and maximum maskirovka deserves appreciation. However, Moscow fights ISIS not out of noble consideration. It is a practical issue of Russian national security.

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Analyst: Russian encouraged to go to a real fight against terrorism

Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has called for an international anti-terrorist coalition and to go to the fight against terrorism from its imitation.

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Elena Larina. The engineers of chaos: why the terrorist attack in Paris has made the security agents

In recent months, in electronic and print media far more reports about the connection of ISIS with the United States and its allies. In fact the vast majority of these publications are volleys of propaganda war. Perhaps the most striking example of such revelations have become popular around the entire world Internet materials allegedly from Snowden documents. We quickly learned that this was deliberate misinformation.

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Will the economic downturn on the Russian influence in the middle East region?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

In recent times there is growing evidence that heavy economic situation in Russia will limit its influence in the middle East in the short to medium term. This is partly due to economic constraints, however, there is another important aspect that is hard to put into words: the changing perception of Russia as a global player. However, the main instrument of its influence in the region depends on the economic situation and does not lose its effectiveness.

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Saudi Arabia is on the verge of great upheaval
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz is in a deep coma and in the opinion of the best specialists of the world is unlikely to come out of it. The sharp deterioration in the health of the king have waded into the controversy on the candidacy of his successor and the future of the whole country and even the entire Gulf region. And now these problems arose very sharply increased the likelihood that in 2015 to power in this country will come a new king. However it is still an ongoing debate on the question of who exactly will become the heir of the current monarch.

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