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The main geopolitical role traditionally assigned to Russia
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Anti-Russian elements are once again defeated, resulting in failed to be provided by September 3, in the center of Yerevan rallies and protest against the entry of the Republic of Armenia to the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union. Local Pro-Western, anti-Russian forces, as well as regional issues of the newspaper "Iravunk" newspaper interviewed the Director of "Noravank" Foundation GAGIK HARUTYUNYAN.

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Timely fire

A bad peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, interrupted periodically by short skirmishes, this time tried to undermine seriously: on the night of 31 July to 1 August on the border of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan resumed fighting with heavy weapons. Both sides bear the loss. The development of this conflict may be the most serious test for Russian policy in the region.

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Sergey Grinyaev: Western Sanctions are extremely positive for the project of the Eurasian Union
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Interview of the General Director of the Russian center of strategic assessment and forecasts Sergey Grinyaev news Agency ArmInfo.

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Where "carbonet"? The war in the Caucasus will unleash to deter Russia

In recent weeks on the background of events in Ukraine undeservedly remained unnoticed another escalation in the relations of the two Transcaucasian republics: Armenia and Azerbaijan in the frozen conflict zone in Nagorno-Karabakh. The first signs of deterioration can be attributed to several important developments: the military-tactical exercises first Armenia, and then Azerbaijan in the frontal zone and followed immediately behind them the visit of the OSCE mission at the invitation of Baku. According to tradition, both events are accompanied by harsh statements, but there is another index — this is against a background of growth in the number of incidents on the front line. "" understood, what is expected in the case of conflict.

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Sergey Grinyaev: Frozen in some regions, conflicts risk to move into the hot phase

General Director of ANO "Center for strategic assessments and forecasts" doctor of technical Sciences Sergei Grinyaev said in an interview Pravda.Ruwhere in the post-Soviet space and the world can repeat the Ukrainian scenario.

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International and regional military-political situation

First of all I want to thank for the fact that I was invited to this event. I believe that the organization of such discussions, scientific-educational Foundation "Noravank" compared with the results of strategic studies of this and other "think tanks" and the conclusions of bodies of public administration, it is very important to provide an analytical framework for ensuring the safety and security of our country.

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Sergey Grinyaev: Armenia just need to realize their place in a responsible and essential partner of Russia
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

Interview of the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev news Agency ArmInfo.

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Armenian expert: no us Armenia will not develop
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

An interview with the newspaper "Voice of Armenia" the Director of "Noravank" Foundation Gagik HARUTYUNYAN.

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Discuss Armenia's accession to Customs Union
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

The decision of Armenia's accession to the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, announced on 3 September this year in Moscow the President of the Republic Serzh Sargsyan, was strongly criticized by many Armenian politicians. So, the Deputy of Parliament Zaruhi Postanjyan has complained about possible rise in prices, the deterioration of the social situation of the population, increasing emigration from the country. She believes that in Moscow the Declaration of accession to the Customs Union has become a serious challenge to the sovereignty of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Moreover, the MP has called on the Armenian people "to Wake up and defend your homeland".

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Security of Eurasia: ideology
Проект: Russian-Armenian partnership

We discuss various aspects of Eurasian integration is, of course, good and useful. But we sometimes forget the most important thing is the ideology of Eurasianism. I understand that saying the word "ideology", violate a kind of taboo, because after the collapse of the Union this word is often perceived as something obscene. I'll tell you what I'm going to appeal and to socialism, which is also perceived very ambiguous. In this connection comes to mind a saying of one of the Roman Emperor, who said that enemies should present a law, and the – all the things that they want.

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