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The world is entering the zone of impersonal strategic terrorism
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The terrorist special operation in relation to Gazprom's four highways made a lot of noise on the information front of the third World War of the hybrid type. The warring parties began to accuse each other of this strategic-level crime without evidence. As always, we were in a hurry: the head of Foreign Intelligence Naryshkin announced that we have evidence of the involvement of the West in this.

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HIMARS – just MLRS, a new generation weapon or a Doomsday machine?

What could be more important in a weapon than the iron from which it is created? Idea. Concept. The doctrine within which it is created.

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The winner in a protracted war between two almost equal powers still depends on which side has the strongest industrial base

The country must either have the production capacity to produce a huge amount of ammunition, or have other manufacturing facilities that can be quickly transferred to the production of ammunition. Unfortunately, the West doesn't seem to have either anymore.

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The Ukrainian conflict showed the success of the doctrine of action by dispersed mobile forces, with the active use of high-precision weapons

Operation Swift is transformed into a "pickup truck war". The APU demonstrates the most rapid changes.

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On the admissibility of damages

The fourth month of the special military operation (SVO) has begun. The fighting, which famously began throughout the territory of Ukraine bordering Russia and Eastern Belarus, is now almost completely concentrated in the Donbass.

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"The truth is on our side." Nikolai Patrushev — about the timing of the special operation

Special operation on Ukraine was brought to a climax by Russia's confrontation with Western countries led by the United States. Battles are taking place not only in the vast expanses of Ukraine, but also in the economic, political, and cultural planes.

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Patrushev: The West has created an empire of lies, suggesting the destruction of Russia

Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev spoke about the tasks of Russia's special operation and the role of the United States in supporting neo-Nazis in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. And also about the near future of Europe, the Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves and sanctions. And also about what changes await our country in the near future.

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The Ukrainian field of experiments : hybrid trousers and plausible deniability of NATO countries

No matter what Western leaders say about formal non-participation in the conflict, they are already waging a hybrid war against Russia. After the formidable Russian statement that we are ready to press the "red button" and let "the whole world be in dust", experienced Western strategists began to carefully squeeze the boundaries of possibilities. First it was the supply of ammunition, ATGM and MANPADS, then the transfer of old Soviet equipment, today we are talking about the supply of combat aircraft, artillery and the training of Ukrainian crews for Western-style equipment. It is worth noting that Western arms companies will receive a huge "profit" from new companies and arms contracts.

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