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Ukraine: the unprecedented rise and hard fall
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Now, few will remember and even fewer would believe it, but the history of modern Ukraine, this is the story of the biggest economies in Europe-which was destroyed by greedy for money and power bastards. This is the story of a real alpha male in the post-Soviet space, which he had chewed on...And before you start reading, I warn you – in this article I will try to distance themselves from politics!

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Sergey Grinyaev: With the aggravation of the situation in the South-East of the Orgy in the foreign media has become like an avalanche

The information war against Russia is conducted not the first year, only in recent months we have seen the escalation of violence. This is due to the political course that today our country is maintained on a range of issues, including Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine.

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Russia was not ready for informational war, and therefore loses its

Massive information war waged by the USA, caught Russia by surprise. Russia was not ready for such a powerful propaganda coming from the West, and therefore started making excuses after each accusations from ex-partners. This opinion was expressed by experts at a press conference in Moscow, the correspondent of Накануне.RU.

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Russia in the information war: the methods of confrontation

Multimedia round table on the topic: "Russia in the information war: the methods of confrontation." In connection with the events in Ukraine against Russia unleashed a real information war. The countries of the West, spreading rumors and distorted information, trying to isolate Russia politically and economically. All attempts of our country to resolve the situation in Ukraine is not taken into account. Russian reporters objectively covering events in the East of Ukraine and hinder the work. Still unknown the fate of the photographer MIA "Russia today" Andrew Stenina.

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I'll hobble, I'll curve, I will be a scythe, but I'm going out there to fight
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

23-the summer inhabitant of Magnitogorsk has told how he is fighting in southeastern Ukraine on the side of the militiasAlexander Ivanov is 23 years old, he limps on one leg. Lameness due to injuries, which Alexander received under Lugansk, where he volunteered to fight with the troops of Kiev. Once recovered, the inhabitant of Magnitogorsk is going to return to their comrades in Lugansk region. Departure is scheduled for 15 September.

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Sergei Glazyev: "Ukraine Has no future"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Academician of the RAS and Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev has acted on Friday in Yalta at the conference "Russia, Ukraine, Novorossia: global problems and challenges". In his speech he called the Kiev government fascist, and the responsibility for the crisis in the country has laid upon US.

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Semi-finished products of the information war

Civil war in Ukraine gives birth to a monstrous shaft of misinformation on both sides of the conflict. This misinformation is propagated over the network with the speed of a forest fire. In the process actively participate as ordinary citizens, seeking to reinforce their point of view "convincing evidence" and professional soldiers of information warfare.

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"The gas will steal". To Europe finally realized that she could face the winter and by whom it was
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Ukraine must pay gas debt to Russia. In winter Ukraine can steal transit gas going to Europe, and even completely block the transit. It is obvious to all Russian things that she was warned a long time ago. But this time, they first heard from the lips of the European Commissioner for energy Gunther Oettinger. This marks a turning point in gas negotiations with Ukraine.

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It is impossible to prevent an arms race in the Arctic
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

The escalation of tensions in the Arctic today is a mirror of the General tension in the world — said General Director of the Center for strategic estimations and forecasts, doctor of technical Sciences Sergei Grinyaev.

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The European Union is not going to bail out Ukraine
Проект: Present and future of Europe

In the last seven years the European Union was tough. The situation in the economy looks dramatically. The Eurozone is not only experiencing a decline of GDP, even stronger than during the great depression – she's dangerously close to outright deflation. Unemployment remains high everywhere except Germany. In Greece and Spain it still exceeds 25% and in Portugal, Italy and France 10%. The forecasts also not encouraging: in 2014, growth is not expected or almost not expected, and in 2015 it is expected to be very modest. The situation seems so desperate and hopeless that such respected economists like Tyler Cowen (Tyler Cowen), have begun to compare the most sclerotic European economies with the de-industrialization of India in the nineteenth century.

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