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Failure 400 Ukrainian soldiers to obey the orders of Kiev in the world tried not to notice
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Out of 438 Ukrainian servicemen crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border near the checkpoint "Gukovo" in Rostov region, about 180 people have returned to Ukraine. On buses and armored vehicles they took out the don through another checkpoint "Matveev Kurgan". The remaining military, obviously, has not yet decided how to proceed.

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Global security after Ukraine
Проект: Present and future of Europe

Now it is not necessary to hope that the military-political crisis in Ukraine that has become something more than the usual domestic political confrontation with the government and ideologically energized the opposition, will be reduced to zero in the shortest possible time. After was passed the point of no return, and the discontent turned into a civil war, it became evident that Ukraine will not become the second Georgian war in 2008 was the place to be, but did not accept such scales, as in Ukraine, and the situation in the Southeast has become a bone of contention both within the country and far beyond its borders. Now it's safe to say that the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine has already become one of the reasons for the revision of the global security system in which a leading role the last twenty five years playing the USA.

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Shale gas Ukraine vanished as Atlantis
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

When the plans to develop deposits in the East of Ukraine were frozen, Shell representatives explained this by the worsening situation in the region. Later became known the true reasons — none of the drilled wells industrial gas was not found. So, maybe the US data that one third of the European shale gas lies in the Ukraine — is it a myth?

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The war in Ukraine will stop the gas

Despite repeated promises by Kiev to halt military operations in the new Russia, a punitive expedition with use of tanks and aviation, as well as the use of prohibited weapons continue. All settlement plans stalled. But there is one interesting suggestion is to put an ultimatum to the EU "gas in exchange for the termination of war in Ukraine".

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Ukrainian and Georgian NATO steps

The article examines the tactical role of Georgia and Ukraine in the geopolitical confrontation between Russia and NATO. Given the retrospective and systematic analysis of playing by Brussels Georgian card in August 2008. In the end proves the thesis about the instrumental role of Ukraine as a second attempt by NATO to promote military infrastructure of the Alliance closer to Russia's borders.

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The use of ballistic missiles as a sign of the escalating conflict in Ukraine

The use of the armed forces of Ukraine operational-tactical missile complexes "Tochka-U" in the fighting in Donbas means a translation of the conflict into a new stage: Ukraine uses the most powerful available in its Arsenal of weapons. The effectiveness of their use is in question: the combat readiness of missile units is estimated extremely low.

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New stage of confrontation: the price escalation and risks of inaction

As says the famous adage, the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that an optimist thinks that things to be worse and the pessimist believes that they can, and probably will be even worse. The story of the downed "Boeing" Malaysian airlines shows us that in this respect today more right look pessimists. The crash of an airliner is a terrible incident, but it is also a tragedy that reflects the conflictual nature of U.S.-Russian relations and in the broader context of Russia's relations with the West.

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Ukraine-Russia crisis 2014: implications for energy
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Although the Ukrainian-Russian crisis is far from over, policy debates surrounding the standoff between Russia, the US and Europe have also led to several important findings regarding the gap between the policy world and the reality of energy markets. At that time, world energy entered into the next phase, with a clear focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency, a significant portion of politicians stuck in the Cold war.

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How to win the war

Along with the Ukrainian hearth kindling chaotic world war, the United States continues to support armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq, to destabilize the situation in the middle East, prepare an invasion of the Taliban and Islamic militants in Central Asia, to design the color revolutions in Russia and other countries of Eurasian integration, and organize coups in out-of-control countries in Latin America.

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Who benefits from the crash of the Boeing 777 in Eastern Ukraine?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

  Many Russian experts [1], true notice that the crash of the Boeing 777 cannot be considered mere coincidence. It is obvious that the crash was planned, and the organizers set themselves a concrete goal to globalize the Ukrainian conflict. In the absence of accurate and reliable evidence of how it actually happened, a measure of truth can be logical reasoning. As is the case in any criminal investigation, should answer the main question, which is often applied V. I. Lenin: “Who benefits?”. To answer this question is possible if we look at the consequences caused by the disaster.

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