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Army liberators of Ukraine

In the arena of civil war in Ukraine can be a new, nobody expected power. Soon battle will take units of the Ukrainian people's liberation army (UNOA), whose formation is about to end.

10-06-2014 admin 1960 0

What are you waiting for? Ukraine: many "buts" and no answer
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

In today's reports from Slavyansk again information about casualties among the civilian population. Killed five-year-old girl...

09-06-2014 Имя Фамилия 2577 0

"A cunning plan" Putin

To date, two main lines explain the behavior of Russia are as follows: a) Vladimir Putin all merged. b) Putin implements a cunning plan.

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NATO at the Russian borders. Will he keep Ukraine non-aligned status?
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

How can we explain the desire of NATO to protect Ukraine from a non-existent enemy? What is the contribution of NATO in destabilizing the situation in Ukraine? Will the new Ukrainian government to abolish non-aligned status of the country, and find whether such an initiative support within the country? Whether Ukraine will try to become a member of the Alliance?

06-06-2014 admin 2588 0

Ukraine is only a cell on a chessboard
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Civil war in Ukraine unleashed by the Kiev thugs and supported with arms and money of Washington, NATO and the European puppets, continues killing their compatriots from the Eastern Donbass region. The Kiev army and the death squads accompanied hundreds of mercenaries Academi (formerly Blackwater) and the CIA advisers. Their main task is to ensure that Kiev's troops had deserted, and executed their orders on the conduct of hostilities and killings of their brothers and sisters, risking otherwise to be executed as traitors.

05-06-2014 admin 1469 0

Alexander Zhilin: Why is no military intervention of Russia?

The level of analytical discussions in Runet perfectly described the political scientist Simon Uralov: "to Consider that the Ukrainian crisis set off the mind and turned into bloodthirsty hysterical men only Kiev colleagues - is fundamentally wrong. Among the Moscow colleagues there are also an incredible amount."

05-06-2014 admin 2077 0

The commander of the battalion "East": Kiev found that the region lost
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

The head of the security Service DND Alexander Khodakovsky, former commander of the Donetsk detachment "alpha" of the SBU, today is the most senior security official, defected to the side of the Donetsk national Republic. In early may he began to form a battalion "East" — the official armed forces of the DNI, it is the most efficient division.

04-06-2014 admin 2864 0

Maxim Kalashnikov: the new Russia — tomorrow's reality. Here you define the future of Russian civilization
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The new Russia is not "Pro-Putin fiction", as we are trying to convince some nobodies. The earth, beaten off by Catherine the great in the Ottoman Empire, has nothing to do with Ukraine. The term originated in 1792.

31-05-2014 admin 3938 0

Leonid Ivashov: While we are inactive, this is bordering on crime against the Russian state

While Poroshenko (Waltzman) foams at the mouth, threatening to obliterate South-East with the face of the earth, and the Crimea, another, but, seemingly, quite unexpected problem arose in Abkhazia. The President of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab suddenly in one day capitulated, giving the burden of ruling the Republic from nowhere appeared a kind of "opposition". Even the layman could get the impression that someone's invisible, but very familiar hand is trying all means to oust Russia from the Black sea. And if Russia will not pass finally on the attack, then get into the tight circle of the enemy, said President of the Academy of geopolitical problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.

29-05-2014 admin 1574 0

Konstantin Sivkov: How many more will be able to survive the new Russia and why Putin is silent

Neo-fascist junta issued the latest "warning" to the militia of Novorossiya, "surrender, or be destroyed". On Tuesday a spokesman said the punitive operation Vladislav Seleznev. According to him, if the residents of Donbas, insisting on the independence of the DNR is not surrendered, the region "will be struck with the use of special high-precision weapons". How many more will be able to survive Novorossiya and why is silent Putin told the first Vice-President of the Academy of geopolitical problems, Konstantin Sivkov

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Возрастное ограничение