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The difficult road to genuine agreement
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Political analyst Dimitri Simes — why Russia, the West and Ukraine have a very long way from the Minsk truce to end the conflict.

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Impregnable fortress: Russia gradually preparing for war

The Russian Ministry of defense intends to turn Crimea Peninsula into a fortress. It will become not only a military Outpost of Russia in the black sea region, but also be able to defend themselves, even being cut off from the mainland of our country.

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"They don't know what are you fighting for"
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

"Military review" is an interview with a person who is 18 June took part in combat operations on the territory of Donbass on the side of the militia. Callsign Mach, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Colonel of the Russian armed forces (military intelligence) retired — this is all the information about the identity of the Respondent, "Military review" may present to the readership.

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The Donbas gave at the mercy of Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Amid ceasefire in South-Eastern Ukraine the authorities in Kiev hope to pass on to Russia the bulk of the financial responsibilities for the restoration of the Donbass. The opportunity spelled out in the bill on the special status of Donbass, which could be considered by the Rada on 16 September. Their money for rebuilding the region for Ukraine.

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Clear text. Moscow is aware

Rarely, very rarely, you can hear the so-called "straight text" when a top politician says exactly what he thinks, rather than what is required by the rules of international diplomacy or political expediency. I have a suspicion that recent statements by Lavrov just for those who are concerned about the damn Russian question "whether the Kremlin, what's going on?".

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Проект: On the national idea

Strangers. As it so happened that they appeared in this country in sufficiently large numbers, and as it so happened that they came out of the cabinets, where he hid himself, as the skeletons of foreign Proverbs, and boldly trample on our pavements?

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Donetsk. May 26. Airport. The participant report
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Three weeks ago I was talking with people who were directly involved in one of the most unsuccessful operations in the Donetsk militia - the attempt to capture the airport in Donetsk. At my request, they drafted a text, which is relatively described in detail the events from the perspective of a direct participant. Below this text entirely as he came.

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Promised that the traitors to the President, but obviously they had cheated him. Any agreements will not be
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Next EU sanctions, in fact, put an end to any talk about the possibility to negotiate with the West. Even at the cost of any concessions and betrayal.

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The return of the Donbass in Ukraine, the defeat and betrayal
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Late August brought welcome relief. The people's militia Donetsk and Lugansk national republics went on the offensive, Ukrainian troops inflicted a serious defeat and liberated a number of occupied enemy areas. And immediately heard voices (including in Ukraine), calling for an end to the civil war and begin to negotiate.

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Strelkov explained the truce in Ukraine the influence of "agents" in the Kremlin
Проект: Ukrainian myatezhevoyna

Former defense Minister Donetsk self-proclaimed people's Republic Igor Strelkov criticized achieved in Minsk agreement on ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine and called them "shameful". However, he said that the leadership of Russia supposedly there are some forces that sabotaged military and political assistance to the rebels and urged President Vladimir Putin to the option to truce.

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