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Sberbank will be engaged in cryptocurrencies in Switzerland
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Sberbank is prepared to offer customers operations with cryptocurrency, but not in Russia, and in Switzerland.

03-02-2018 admin 482 0

The power of the best Russian supercomputer will double
Проект: Future of the Information Society

The power of a supercomputer of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov is planned to double in the coming months — said the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy at a meeting of the Integration club under the Chairman of the Federation Council on "Eurasian vector integration of the future," writes TASS.

03-02-2018 admin 390 0

The blockchain started to introduce government agencies and state-owned companies
Проект: Future of the Information Society

The Ministry of economic development together with Vnesheconombank (VEB) has launched a testing blockchain technology. Prospects of the modern approach try to estimate and in other sectors of the economy. While they are not obvious, experts say.

30-01-2018 admin 506 0

The hole in the CPU: all the error that allows to steal passwords from almost any computer and smartphone

The researchers found the security hole, which is contained in most modern processors, computers, laptops and even smartphones. Tell all that is known about vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre, and how to live with them.

28-01-2018 admin 353 0

The dawn of the neuro-computer technologies: how far can we go?
Проект: Future of the Information Society

What separates Elon musk as an entrepreneur from others is the fact that any enterprise which he undertakes, is born of bold and inspiring vision for the future of our species. Recently, Musk announced the creation of a new company Neuralink, which will deal with the merging of human intelligence with AI. Given the track record of the Mask, which is constantly trying to achieve the impossible, the world should pay extra attention to the words of a man who wants to connect our brains to computers.

28-01-2018 admin 417 0

Why cryptocurrencies will kill private property
Проект: The financial system of a new era

The fact that society (the participants of the cryptocurrency network) can rollback any transaction or to enforce any translation just by clicking on the corresponding fork — already signals that the private relation of commodity exchange ceases to be purely private, is shared. This is a step towards the abolition of commodity exchange and private property in General.

13-01-2018 admin 482 0

Whom we trust life?
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Sitting in a taxi, few people realize that really painted checkered car no relation to the taxi service has not. As the driver arrived at the order. But because in the event of an accident to compensation from the insurance company to the passenger to not count. While such accidents are, unfortunately, becoming more and more.

08-01-2018 admin 685 0

So does net neutrality?
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Ah, net neutrality! What about it did not write. As already mentioned, the idea in essence is that every user has the right to Internet access without filtering software provider. If this ugly provider will try to arrange such a filter, passing some data packets and blocking the way for others, net neutrality will rush to the aid and say to him: "But-but, do not spoil, we have a right to unfiltered Internet!"

29-12-2017 admin 467 0

Geopolitical aspects of the information war

Defence.24: Interference in the electoral process in the United States, France and Germany; operations against the Baltic States, Sweden and Finland; in information and psychological attacks on the country's EU and NATO is only the beginning of a long list of steps being taken by the Kremlin. What if we look at the problem in the context of Poland, plays in the Russian offensive key role: money, people, technology?

26-12-2017 admin 554 0

DARPA resumed work on the "uncrackable" computer Morpheus

Cybersecurity in recent years has become particularly relevant for investment not only large corporations, but also the military. In light of recent events, when the worm WannaCry suddenly knocked out more than 300 000 computers worldwide, involuntarily start to think about what it would be nice to protect themselves from such developments. In the American military Agency DARPA also treat this problem very seriously. That is why the military resumed work on frozen project, code-named Morpheus, whose goal is the creation of a computer hack which is impossible.

22-12-2017 admin 479 0

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