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The Indo-Pakistani conflict in the context of regional security in the middle East

The article discusses the military and political problems in the Middle East region, issues of relations between India and Pakistan. Reveals the political and strategic interests of the countries of the region. Analyzes the causes of military confrontation between the two countries in historical, territorial, religious and military aspects.

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The Arctic: geopolitics and the environment
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Geopolitics is about the politics of space which includes its various characteristic e.g. location, size, natural resources, trade routes (both land and sea), economy and of course environmental conditions.  In all classic theories of geopolitics, world has been divided into Heartland, Rimland and World Island and many areas have been identified and discussed as more important than others for various reasons. But, the Arctic has been totally ignored in all its geopolitical dimensions as we do not find any geopolitical mention of its size, location, trade route and resources etc. in any of these theories. Environmental debates are also relatively new intervention in the field of geopolitics, therefore, environment and its impact in different regions including that of Arctic is new in geopolitics modelling. But now, as the impact of climate change and global warming is becoming a reality and the environment geopolitics is increasingly making space the debate of mainstream geopolitics. Therefore, the Arctic being so vast, resourceful, and strategically located is bound to become a topic of geopolitical debate. In near future Arctic region may emerge as core area of geopolitical debates.

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First blood. Unleash whether China and India have a nuclear war

"This is our territory, please leave immediately. This is our territory, please leave it immediately," monotonously repeats the soldiers in light camouflage with stripe Indo-Tibetan border police a couple dozen Chinese soldiers standing on the shore of the Alpine lake Pangong-TSO. This usually works, especially because the patrol could be seen of his fellows soldiers, border guards and soldiers, ready to intervene in case of an incident.

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China and India dangerously close to military conflict in the Himalayas

While all attention is focused on the nuclear rhetoric between North Korea and the United States, on the distant Himalayan ranges quietly unfolds the conflict between India and China.

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India develops its own silk road

While China to the whole world proudly declares his project "One belt, one road", India plunged headlong into their own plans. One of them writes in a Forbes material for Wade Shepard. The project is called "Transport corridor North-South" (North-South Transport Corridor). It aims to improve trade ties between Iran, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Watch Out, China! India creates its own silk road
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

While China is "encircling" India with its project "One belt, one road" (it launched in 2013, the "rebranding" of the old project that aims to put China at the head of the new economic order panevezhisskogo), India had its own transcontinental plan. It's called "Transport corridor North-South" (North-South Transport Corridor), and its aim is the improvement of transport links between Iran, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia.

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SCO -2017: the end of a beautiful tale
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Something epochal has happened that has opened up new exciting opportunities for half of the Land. This phrase, I confirmed that I share the enthusiasm of our "Akhborot", Russian "Vesti", the Chinese CCTV-1 and all other mass media about the results of the SCO summit in Astana. And now seriously...

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India is largely ahead of China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

When the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi (Narendra Modi) will be the eighth of June to address a joint session of Congress, he finds it hard to convince congressmen that his country has the prospects. But he didn't need to convince them — as China, Russia and Brazil reduce the pace of development, India is rapidly moving forward. Among the emerging economies — it is one of the most successful.

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India ready to order over 200 fighters based on Russia's PAK FA
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

In the near future, Moscow and new Delhi will sign the Contract on carrying out development work on the joint Russian-Indian fighter fifth generation FGFA, created on the basis of Russian PAK FA. This was reported by sources in the Indian Ministry of defense, reports TASS.

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India holds the EU and NATO by a throat
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Russia "is obliged" to much the part of Europe lying to the West from it – including by Roma. Which exactly from there ran to more hospitable and tolerant Russia. The Russian culture – only in Europe which has created a positive image of Roma. And not only I have created – I have brought him to Western Europe. Not the most convincing, but the most known example – any Russian restaurant in the West is inconceivable without the Gipsy chorus or at least one masked Gipsy. "Black eyes" is in general the obligatory romance the second century at each decent Russian restaurant in the West.

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Возрастное ограничение