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V. N. PLASTUN "wrong side of the Afghan war 1979-1989 Diary entries and comments of the participant"

The book of memoirs of Soviet orientalist, Iranist and Afghanistan, D. I. N., Professor, Novosibirsk state University of V. N. Plastun. is a diary entry and a personal opinion of a man who was on the edge of one of the worst trends of Soviet foreign policy, defence and security of the USSR in the course of actual military confrontation in Afghanistan.

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The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and its impact on the geopolitical situation in the region

The reference to the past is not just a tribute to historically approved the provisions, principles and values, it is a necessary method of human orientation in historical time and space, the natural need of the present to find himself a place and purpose between past and future.

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Russian hunters Rambo
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

It so happened that of all the special operations of the Soviet troops in the Afghan war is widely known, in fact, only a storming of the Palace Taj Beck, which killed the dictator Hafizullah Amin. Despite the fact that it was truly an outstanding operation, downright unfair that the special forces troops of the USSR in Afghanistan so plainly, and remained on the periphery of public attention. Meanwhile prolonged the Afghan war was the baptism of fire "alpha", "Vympel" and GRU special forces units proved to be one of the most effective components of the Soviet army. Actually, from Afghanistan originates the fashion, special forces, the legend of such units and wide dissemination of the word "spetsnaz".

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The legend of army aviation
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

15 July 1982, during the Afghan campaign of 1979-1989, the second phase of the Panjshir operation. A special role in this military conflict was played by the pilots of army aviation. Today, helicopter pilots are an important part of the operation against the militants in Syria. "Газета.Ru" tells how during the war in Afghanistan, the Russian General showed miracles in piloting the Mi-8 helicopter.

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The Valetsky, O. V., Neelov, V. M. peculiarities of combat operations in Afghanistan (2001-2015). A brief outline
Проект: New in the military

This book represents the author's analysis of the experience of the military campaign in Afghanistan (2001-2014), as well as main development trends of armed conflict after the withdrawal of the main forces of the international coalition. In the basis of the work is the consideration of the key features of tactics of the warring parties, as well as the review and evaluation of the effectiveness of individual types of military equipment. The book discusses the possibility of combining Soviet experience in the Afghan war (1979-1989) and modern military experience of the international coalition in Afghanistan, taking into account prospects of development of military-political situation in the region and possible participation of Russia in these processes.

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The role of US forces in the development of the Afghan National Army

The paper examines the role of US forces in the development of the Afghan National Army, the stages of the relationship between the two countries, the procedure for the establishment of the Afghan army, the Armed Forces of the country views and its development prospects.

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Afghanistan in the geopolitical dimension of security of Eurasia

The paper examines questions about the role of Afghanistan's security issues in the Middle East and Central Asia. Reveal the geopolitical and strategic interests of leading countries such as USA and China, as well as regional leaders in the Middle East, such as India, Pakistan and Iran. Analyzes the political and military situation in Afghanistan at the moment 2014, the impact of processes in the field of ensuring security and stability in the country on the CIS and the Russian Federation as a whole.

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The Iraqi scenario in Afghanistan. Questions to Russia's security

The whole world is anxiously watching developments in the middle East. The jihadists of the Islamic State in the shortest possible time managed to create a kind of ersatz government, which now threatens the regional stability and the existence of separate countries and governments.

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Quantitative analysis of US military strategy in Afghanistan under the Obama administration

The modern system of international relations is characterized by considerable dynamism. The consequence of this state of the international environment is a high likelihood of armed conflicts in various parts of the world.

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The Afghan crisis after 2014: threats to regional and global security

Presidential elections in Afghanistan has caused tensions. A. Ghani, with the highest number of votes, and A. Abdullah accuse each other of electoral fraud. In the situation intervened, NATO and the United States. But it's not stopping discord. On the other hand, deteriorated and fighting between rebels and government forces. Casualties among the Afghan army are growing. Experts are warning that the country's serious political crisis. Is projected and the possibility of a jump in the nearby regions. Thus, the expected emergence of geopolitical tensions in Central Asia. In this regard, there is a need to reflect on the impact of this situation on regional and global security.

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