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The turn of the 9 th company. The story of the legendary battle for hill 3234
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

7-8 January 1988 took the fight for hill 3234, which became the legend of the Afghan war.

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Afghan strategy trump: Pakistan ready for the aggravation

The U.S. government has set conditions for the transfer of financial aid to Pakistan to $225 million On this "Voice of America" said a senior officials of the us administration. Condition provide financial support will be effective in fighting the Pakistani side with the terrorist sanctuaries on its territory, which prevent the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Islamabad shows a sharp rejection of a new strategy announced by US President Donald trump.

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Putin's Russia is back in Afghanistan: the next checkmate America

The recent history of Afghanistan cannot be understood without knowing about the decision of the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan and support of the Mujahideen by America. In the ten-year war from 1979 to 1989, the Soviet Union demonstrated the shortcomings of the red Army and probably the end of an era, while the United States and its allies with the support of the guerrilla forces opened a new Chapter in its relations with the Islamic world and Asia. Coming from Afghanistan, the Russians didn't want to interfere in the Affairs of this country. To internal problems after the Soviet collapse over time, was added the fear to repeat a new catastrophic war, the lack of interest, as well as Western intervention against the Taliban (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and the beginning of a very long war, in which Afghanistan still remains a territory of endless conflict, which continue to claim new victims.

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After 16 years of war, Afghanistan remains the world's largest supplier of heroin

Monday, August 21, the US President, Donald trump has announced a number of significant changes in U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, but the longest war in U.S. history impossible to win without a fight against narco-terrorism. After 16 years of war, which were spent billions of dollars, the share of Afghanistan still account for 75% of the world's supply of heroin, and in this region still recorded the highest concentration of terrorist groups. Moreover, Afghanistan is one of the main thoroughfares on which the world's largest groups of drug traffickers have a direct support for Islamist terrorism. While the US can not cope with this problem, trump will not be able to fulfill his promise to win.

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The Afghan trap: trump is trying to save face

For 16 years the US-led war in Afghanistan. The military operation spent billions of taxpayer dollars, but the Pentagon has not completed the task. The Taliban not only destroyed, but, on the contrary, has strengthened and now controls about 40% of Afghanistan's territory.

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Blackwater founder wants to create in Afghanistan, "East India company"

About a month ago Donald trump gave the nod to send to Afghanistan an additional contingent of American troops. Not everyone in the US administration was satisfied with this decision. Chief political adviser to President Steve Bannon and son-in-law trump Jared Kushner strongly recommended to listen to what Eric says Prince.

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S. M. nebrenchin "Information dimension "soft power""

The publication presents the theory and practice of "soft power" in modern conditions, a chronicle of current publications on international and domestic issues of the period a sharp exacerbation of information confrontation around Russia, starting with the events in Ukraine and Russian military presence in Syria.

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V. N. PLASTUN "wrong side of the Afghan war 1979-1989 Diary entries and comments of the participant"

The book of memoirs of Soviet orientalist, Iranist and Afghanistan, D. I. N., Professor, Novosibirsk state University of V. N. Plastun. is a diary entry and a personal opinion of a man who was on the edge of one of the worst trends of Soviet foreign policy, defence and security of the USSR in the course of actual military confrontation in Afghanistan.

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The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and its impact on the geopolitical situation in the region

The reference to the past is not just a tribute to historically approved the provisions, principles and values, it is a necessary method of human orientation in historical time and space, the natural need of the present to find himself a place and purpose between past and future.

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Russian hunters Rambo
Проект: Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

It so happened that of all the special operations of the Soviet troops in the Afghan war is widely known, in fact, only a storming of the Palace Taj Beck, which killed the dictator Hafizullah Amin. Despite the fact that it was truly an outstanding operation, downright unfair that the special forces troops of the USSR in Afghanistan so plainly, and remained on the periphery of public attention. Meanwhile prolonged the Afghan war was the baptism of fire "alpha", "Vympel" and GRU special forces units proved to be one of the most effective components of the Soviet army. Actually, from Afghanistan originates the fashion, special forces, the legend of such units and wide dissemination of the word "spetsnaz".

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Возрастное ограничение