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The Union of AI and cloud computing creates an explosive force for the development of a new round in the modern world it
Проект: New in Science

Today there is a trend of convergence between the technologies of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (intellect), it gives a clear impetus to the development of innovation in each industry. It is also worth noting that cloud technologies are intensively used in large companies and small, giving the possibility of stimulating the market of information technologies with the use of IR (AND). The further integration of these technologies into a single information model will create for all businesses high-performance tool for more effective management of their business.

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Seven sci-Fi technologies creating our future
Проект: New in Science

The last few decades we have seen how one technology replace the other, trying to break into the consumer market. Buying a new smartphone or a flying drone, very easy to see how quickly these changes occur. Take the TV is one of the most common examples of consumer electronics that became popular about 70 years ago. Many of those who survived, most likely, still keep the memories of "delevitras" era. Similarly, some technologies that seem fantastic today, our children (and if not children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) will undoubtedly be perceived as normal and perhaps even outdated.

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Mind: born or acquired?
Проект: New in Science

In one of the articles about the neurobiology of infant consciousness a few years ago the question was posed: "When your child becomes conscious?". A prerequisite, of course, was that children are not born with consciousness, but instead develop it at some point. According to the article, this is the age of five months. However, it is difficult to imagine that there is such a feeling to be a newborn.

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For superpowers, artificial intelligence – a pretext for a new arms race

For many Russian students the school year started last Friday with tips on world domination President Vladimir Putin.

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Fundamental limitations of machine learning
Проект: Future of the Information Society

Recently my aunt sent to my colleagues email with the subject "math problem! What's the right answer?" The letter was a deceptively simple puzzle:1 + 4 = 52 + 5 = 123 + 6 = 218 + 11 =?

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IBM sees artificial intelligence as a set of common algorithms
Проект: New in Science

We can already see examples of how artificial intelligence technology is able to show some that seem at first glance, characteristic only of human traits. We create humanoid robots, at least very similar to us, some are engaged in that create algorithms able to perform something that usually only people are able to write music, paintings or teaching.

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Colonel Wark and military artificial intelligence
Проект: New in the military

Robert (Bob) Wark (Robert Work) — interesting personality. Today he is one of the key Pentagon strategists of warfare in the future. Bob Wark served in the marine Corps of the United States for 27 years, commanded an artillery battalion and rose to the rank of Colonel. In 2001 she resigned and began to occupy various positions in military organizations. From may 2009 to March 2013 — Deputy Minister of the naval forces of the United States. In may 2014 Wark took the post of Deputy Secretary of defense under President Obama. After the inauguration of the new President of Donald trump, despite the change of leadership of the Pentagon, Wark was left in its place. In March, trump said that he has a new candidate for the position of Deputy Minister of defense, but it's been two months, and Wark all as it takes office.

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Semiconductor industry: the transition to workflows 10, 7, 6 and 5 nm
Проект: New in Science

The transition from 14 nm to 10 nm will be the largest technological leap in transistor density in history. The density increases from 2.7 times. Thus, Moore's law will continue for the coming years. The publication AnandTech have put together information on plans from different companies to build plants with a new generation of process technology 10, 7, 6 and 5 nm.

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Every brain has a "unique identification mark"
Проект: New in Science

People often say: "different people's brain works differently". A team of scientists led by researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has recently proved it literally. Researchers have developed a method of "fingerprinting" of the human brain using the method of magnetic resonance imaging, found that structural brain connections are so unique in each individual case that can be used as an identifying factor of each individual.

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"We will not notice how the world will capture artificial intelligence"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

British company Cambridge Analytica helped Donald Trump win the U.S. presidential election with the help of Big data technologies and personally targeted advertising on the Internet. Before that the same firm has worked with supporters of Brexit, in Britain, and has now signed a contract with the French "National front". Is it true that the unexpected outcomes of voting in different countries is not a failure of sociology, and the victory of the sociology of a new type? The source Radio Liberty, Michal Kosinski, the study of which is indirectly connected with the activities of Cambridge Analytica, says that this is an exaggeration, but Big data technology and decrease of privacy promise the world global changes.

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