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The grandiose plans of the company SpaceX Elon musk in 2017
Проект: New in Science

2017 for SpaceX promises to be one of the most important in its history. The American company will launch a heavy rocket Falcon Heavy. Just on carriers such class Americans successfully flew to the moon. However, it is not only that. Edition "" informs about the plans of SpaceX for the next year.

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Impossible engine has successfully earned
Проект: New in Science

The Chinese have experienced a fuelless engine in space.

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"Topol" will fly into space
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

A few days ago the Russian defense industry has proposed another project for the modernization of existing Intercontinental ballistic missiles, transforming them into launch vehicles for space launch vehicles. Changed the layout of the complex was already shown to the leadership of the military. In the foreseeable future, the original offer can go up to the practical implementation and use of available missiles in a new way.

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NPO "Molniya" – massacre in the Russian way
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

With all the stands chant "We are the great cosmic power!" We have a great past – those who consider themselves citizens of Russia, not favorites, not to take any crazy education reform, no vulgar thieves privatization. We really had a great, first, and the whole country feel involved in the flight of Gagarin. Another thing – at the present time to pronounce these words right awkward. Very difficult to explain the mockery of the most advanced and powerful space assets of the country – Scientific and production Association "Lightning". Citizens of the "great space" is now boldly call themselves Americans (maybe that's why the Russian elite tries to get away in Miami?), that's it, and China will announce that he is "king of the hill".

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The defense Ministry ordered from Samara RCC "Progress" a new system of space exploration
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

As it became known"", in 2019, the Russian defense Ministry plans to begin deployment of optical-electronic intelligence, the basis of which will be the latest spacecraft of the "Hrazdan". They will replace the satellites of the type "Person", which the military had high hopes in the early 2000s, but was able to obtain only a few years ago.

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Heaven for China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China is going to steal space from Russia and the United States.

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Novosibirsk — Jupiter. Futurist about Russia's role in the development of the Solar system
Проект: New in Science

More recently, macro - and nano-worlds seemed so attractive that people were willing to abandon space travel. But then we saw how limited the resources of the earth, and the spacecraft went to the moon and Mars.

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Russia creates super-heavy rocket on methane fuel
Проект: New in Science

In Russia, work is underway on the development of new methane engines, which are designed for launch vehicles heavy class. About it journalists were told by Oleg Ostapenko, who served as head of Roscosmos. This statement he made, speaking at Taurida national University. Vernadsky. He noted that sanctions by the US will not affect the implementation of Russian space projects and programs. Noting that Roscosmos is ready to cope with these problems, and the country has a very great potential for exploration and without foreign partners. According to Roscosmos plans a new super-heavy rocket, which must be created in our country, will have to display in a space up to 190 tons of payload.

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The future of space flight: who will replace the "space Shuttle" and "Union"?
Проект: New in Science

While Americans are in the middle of the last century was frantically thinking how to keep up with the "evil Empire", onaya was full of slogans: "Komsomol – on a plane", "Star space". Today, the U.S. easily launch kites spacecraft, our can only surf until, perhaps, the Bolshoi theatre. Versed in the details of the Naked Science.

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