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SpaceX is once again making history
Проект: New in Science

Company SpaceX today, may 10, plans to withdraw in geostationary orbit, Bangladeshi satellite Bangabandhu-1. It would seem that the launch should be business as usual, but in fact this event will become a new milestone in the development of the space industry, since the company intends to use as a booster of the newest modified version of the Falcon 9 upper stage Block 5. If you believe the previously announced statements, the new booster promises to increase the level of mnogorazovogo of rockets, the Falcon 9, making them really cost effective and open for the company and its customers door in deep space.

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The Martian bees: NASA has selected projects ahead of the time
Проект: New in Science

Robots transformers, they were launched to track the debris, interstellar travel and other projects that the us space Agency noted as overturned our view of space exploration.

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Russia is unable to create their own satellites
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The share of foreign electronics in the Russian civil communications satellites reaches 70 percent, said the Deputy head of Rossvyaz Igor Chursin conference Satellite Russia. According to him, the dependence on foreign components causes difficulties in production of new Russian satellites.

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"Now we fly to master"
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

"Roscosmos" dying in America and his SpaceX. There is still money, no result.

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SpaceX — what does it cost to build the Falcon Heavy. Who is it all
Проект: New in Science

Elon Musk is surprised, and can say that and amused the scientific community in April 2011. The entrepreneur first announced the Falcon Heavy and told how it should work. Since then began the development stage of "the exploration of deep space" from SpaceX. The company gradually began to implement his plan. "This missile is really huge," he said as the Mask without much specifics. Any of these characteristics was given a little later.

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Near miss flight to the moon
Проект: New in Science

Not all models of manned spacecraft to reach a full flight crew. This could be and finish, but the further fate of the ship can arise in different ways. Buran, the Soviet answer to the space Shuttle has made just one test flight. And in the eyes of many he is already one of this flight surpassed the Shuttle, making unmanned the fact that the Shuttle was always doing pilots. In the end, his fame he can compete with some of the ships, which successfully flew people. Some of the other ships almost forgotten and seldom mentioned outside specialized sites. One of these ships could greatly affect the results of the lunar race, but instead fell victim to Soviet secrecy.

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Why Falcon 9FT is a masterpiece
Проект: New in Science

Despite the resounding success of F9 in the commercial market are abled citizens who claim that it is based on the technology of 60 years. I will try to show, by means of open data and simple math that this is absolutely a giant misconception.

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Were the Americans on the moon, the sequel: the gun went on
Проект: On the national idea

Known teleobservation Alexei Pushkov makes, in my opinion, a sensible political reporting, but it shows a flippant attitude to science. It bothers me more than the question of whether Americans on the moon. Alexey Pushkov, member of the State Duma, the representative of the political elite. I see here a common root with the disrespectful attitude of this part of society to science, including to the national academic science.

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The sad story of "Zenit"
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Alas, the success of a technical system does not always depends only on its excellence. And the sad story of the carrier rocket "Zenit" clearly shows how great the technical side of the rocket instead of a brilliant career and outstanding achievements were in a situation when you have to just survive. December 26 kicks off the last of the already made "Zenith" and, despite the news this year, it may be the last in the history of this launch vehicle.

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The journal Science recognized the discovery of physicists from Russia's biggest breakthrough of the year
Проект: New in Science

Detection of Russian and foreign physicists gravitational waves generated during the merger of neutron stars in the galaxy NGC 4993, became the main opening of the year by the magazine Science.

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