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Heaven for China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

China is going to steal space from Russia and the United States.

27-07-2016 admin 1884 0

Novosibirsk — Jupiter. Futurist about Russia's role in the development of the Solar system
Проект: New in Science

More recently, macro - and nano-worlds seemed so attractive that people were willing to abandon space travel. But then we saw how limited the resources of the earth, and the spacecraft went to the moon and Mars.

08-12-2014 admin 1679 0

Russia creates super-heavy rocket on methane fuel
Проект: New in Science

In Russia, work is underway on the development of new methane engines, which are designed for launch vehicles heavy class. About it journalists were told by Oleg Ostapenko, who served as head of Roscosmos. This statement he made, speaking at Taurida national University. Vernadsky. He noted that sanctions by the US will not affect the implementation of Russian space projects and programs. Noting that Roscosmos is ready to cope with these problems, and the country has a very great potential for exploration and without foreign partners. According to Roscosmos plans a new super-heavy rocket, which must be created in our country, will have to display in a space up to 190 tons of payload.

22-06-2014 admin 2208 0

The future of space flight: who will replace the "space Shuttle" and "Union"?
Проект: New in Science

While Americans are in the middle of the last century was frantically thinking how to keep up with the "evil Empire", onaya was full of slogans: "Komsomol – on a plane", "Star space". Today, the U.S. easily launch kites spacecraft, our can only surf until, perhaps, the Bolshoi theatre. Versed in the details of the Naked Science.

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Возрастное ограничение