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DARPA: "We are on the verge of merging of people and machines"
Проект: New in Science

The time of cyborgs may not have occurred, but the prosthetic-driven impulses of the brain, and exoskeletons that increase the ability of the soldiers is already a reality. Edition Computerworld has an interview with Justin Sanchez, Director of DARPA biotechnology, a developer of defense technologies for the U.S. army.

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I. D. Klabukov, I. A. Kramnik, and V. A. Lebedev "the Foundation for advanced studies in system of defensive innovation"
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

Report submitted to the third meeting of the Public Council of Chairman of the Military-industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Rogozin D. O.

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Military review. Developments in the field of defence and security in the media. Media monitoring during the week from 02 to 08 may 2016

The United States sent to Georgia Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles; in Russia there will be three divisions to counter NATO; Bulgaria creates the infrastructure for refueling aircraft, NATO; the Russian Navy will receive six project 22350 frigates by 2025; Helicopters of Russia" has put the defense Ministry another batch of Mi-8MTV-5-1; call in the troops received new satellite stations "Downpour", the first in the world aviatechnology anti-aircraft missile system create for Russian airborne troops; upgraded hunters "aircraft carriers" will receive hypersonic missiles; in the Crimea will begin construction of small-size missile ship of a new type; Russian defense Ministry has signed a contract for the construction has no analogues patrol vessels ice-class; the Pentagon has started testing unmanned ship "Sea hunter"; at Kapustin Yar during the year it is planned to test 160 samples of armament; C-300 received from Russia, went on duty in the Vitebsk region; Armenia is working to accelerate deliveries of Russian weapons.About these and other developments in the monitoring of the media during the week from 02.05 to 08. 05. 2016.

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The research program of DARPA for 2015
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

Analysis and evaluation of published R & d plan provides an interesting experience of identifying large-scale trends of development of science and technologies the U.S. military. It can be noted that engineering and biology and medicine occupy increasingly strong position among the various means of electronic warfare and airships.

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Here is your brain. But your brain as a weapon
Проект: New in the military

Modern neural technologies help to erase painful memories and to read human thoughts. They can also become a new battlefield of the twenty-first century.

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Four DARPA project that can outdo the Internet
Проект: New in Science

Forty years ago a group of researchers at the money of the military Department decided to test a very bizarre idea to make the computers to communicate some unusual ways: mailing address digital data packets like a call to a phone number. The project, named ARPANET, subsequently radically changed the life of mankind, having turned to the Internet.

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I. D. Klabukov, M. D. Alekhin, S. V. Musiyenko 'total technology national security and development'
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

Presented in the report, the approach sets itself the ambitious task of designing the appearance of technologies, platforms and systems, which are capable of in the near future to demonstrate the impact and open access to technologies of future generations.

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DARPA research program for 2015
Проект: New in the military

It is regrettable and no one can remain indifferent to the fact of absence in Russia, even congenial counterpart DARPA, or the refusal of its creation.

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So why DARPA opens world coffers of innovation?
Проект: New in the military

Tell me, what do you compare military design? The author of these lines — first with secrecy, with stamped formula of the Oath: "strictly keep military and state secrets...". And even more mysterious were the developments, which have not yet had time to get into combat units. But now we are seeing an unprecedented case: DARPA, the defense advanced Agency development, laid out in open access the public directory of open source projects, and even under open licenses! What happened? Do defense Agency of the USA has fallen into the pathological pacifism?

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