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Why President Aliyev took the masons?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

"Union" Russian analysts who serve the interests of Azerbaijan.

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Montenegrins armed struggle against the Ottoman Empire in the late XVIII century
Проект: The tragedy of Yugoslavia: Lessons and Conclusions

The end of the 18th century in the history of the Balkan wars for national independence. In fact, the whole territory of the Ottoman Empire was a field it flared, then saruhashi conflicts.

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Franz Ferdinand and tulchevskaya Maxim

There are two forces — two fatal forceAll his life they have we on handLullaby from days to the grave, —One is Death, the other — the human Trial.                                            F. I. Tyutchev

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Twelve points about the Revolution and the Civil war. Zakhar Prilepin about who planted the bomb under the Empire and those who saved the country from collapse
Проект: On the national idea

Speaking about revolution, its enemies go on the same circle, carefully reproducing the same, in our opinion, erroneous arguments.

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Why your brain hates other people
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

As a child, I saw a version of the movie "planet of the apes" from 1968. As a future primatologist I was mesmerized. Many years later I found the anecdote about the film: in the afternoon the people who were playing the chimps and the people who played gorillas, ate in separate groups.

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Soloviev, O. F. "Freemasonry in world politics of XX century"
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The order of "free masons" (Freemasons), who came from the depths of the XVIII century, continues to haunt the minds of people. Other sees him as the devil incarnate, wearing the "crown of thorns" on Russia for its enslavement. Others make the case for ethical abstract nature. Whose side is the truth? What is it?

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Andrew Fursov: "Ivan the terrible as Stalin, is one of the most slandered rulers of Russia"
Проект: On the national idea

Ivan IV is one of the "points" of the information war of the West and our liberals against the Russian state, according to renowned historian, Director of the center for Russian studies, Moscow humanitarian University Andrey Fursov. In an interview with "BUSINESS Online" he talked about how he thinks about the words of Putin about Ivan the terrible, why this king had no place on the monument to the Millennium of Russia in Veliky Novgorod and how it differs from Peter I.

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