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The situation in Syria and Iraq and prospects for their development
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The successful operation of government forces in Syria and Iraq against ISIS and other radical Islamist groups by the end of 2017 is welcome, however, to talk about the imminent victory over the jihadists and their ultimate elimination as terrorist organizations would be premature. The situation in Syria and Iraq remains complex and should recognize that the regimes in Damascus and Baghdad are not yet able to consolidate their society and are still largely dependent on foreign military and other assistance.

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From Iraq to Africa: the Western coalition to fight ISIS on

The Western coalition has summarized the confrontation with the Islamists in Iraq. After the liberation of Mosul, the military effort will focus on Syria and Africa, and the humanitarian — reconstruction of the liberated areas.

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The head of security Council of Iran said Patrushev about the organizers himataki in Syria

The Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani in the framework of a telephone conversation with Russian security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev discussed missile strikes USA on the airfield of the air force of Syria and the chemical attack in Idlib province, according to Tasnim.

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Why the Kurds teamed up with the Syrian army against Turkey

Syrian Kurds in coordination with Moscow ceded the Western front near the town of Manbij government forces. This will allow them to separate from the Pro-Turkish groups buffer zone and to concentrate efforts on the fight against ISIS.

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About the situation in Mosul amid the information vacuum

Well I remember how on the background of the daily reports from Aleppo, where the Syrian army step by step liberated neighborhoods of Syria's largest city from terrorists, the Western press gave "tons" of information (and if you call a spade a spade – disinformation) garbage about the "atrocities the Assad army". At the same time the so-called coalition reported the "blitz-Krieg" in Iraq's Mosul, constantly potowa readers (viewers, listeners) materials on how to "professionally" is Mosul operation, and how the coalition forces to "smash" ISIS (banned in Russia).

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As the Mi-24 destroyed Israeli jet fighter: a unique record of Russian helicopters
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Almost immediately, first developed in the Soviet Union and the helicopter began to be seen as an effective means for the destruction of tanks and equipment of the enemy. The helicopter with weapons on the basis of Mi-1ST contributed to the development of several unique achievements, percussion version of the Mi-1ST is the first serial combat helicopter and the first helicopter equipped with anti-tank missile systems.

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Mosul is not taken

Barack Obama has lost the battle for Mosul. Now all hope for trump.

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The people of Mosul embraced ISIS

The battle for the second largest city of Iraq promises to be the biggest battle of the decade.

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Prestige at any price: the US air force equates to the ground, the residential neighborhoods of Mosul

A military expert told why it is impossible to underestimate IG units (banned in the Russian terrorist group – approx. FAPN) in Iraq.

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Rotten essence of the United States: expert why not get a quick liberation of Mosul from ISIS

It became known about the transfer under Mosul American commandos.

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