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Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell off U.S. assets of $750 billion
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

In the case of adoption of law, allowing US to attract Saudi Arabia responsible for the terrorist acts of 2001, Riyadh will start the sale of U.S. Treasury bonds and other assets in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

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Grinaev S. N., Arzumanyan R. V., Akopyan A. A., Khlystov M. V. "the Information war in Syria. Analysis, evaluation, and trends"

The civil war in Syria has become one of the most cruel and prolonged conflict resulting from so-called "Arab spring" — a series of coups d'état that swept the Arab countries in spring 2011 and resulted in serious geopoliticheskiye not only in the Middle East and the world in General (in particular, the problem of refugees that has engulfed Europe today, there is also a result of those events).

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The second knife Putin in the back... and oil collapsed again
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

On the morning of 17 April, when representatives of 18 countries-exporters of oil, who arrived yesterday in the capital of Qatar, was sitting in a conference room of a local oil Minister Mohammed bin Saleh al-the Garden exuded optimism. And if other participants of the meeting in the format "OPEC+Russia", the hosts discuss the issue of freezing of production of "black gold", he avoided journalists, al-Garden tried to pay attention to each press representative. However, his answers to the questions of correspondents of Newspapers and news agencies were diverse. "Everything goes according to plan, the parties are committed to constructive conversation, it is not expected".

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$35 70 RUB: what to expect from failure of the oil negotiations in Doha
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Sunday talks the biggest oil producers in Qatar Doha ended in nothing. Analysts warned that in this case the price of oil will rush to $30 and the dollar to 70 roubles.

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Chicago Tribune: Russia and America will unite "the Sino-Saudi threat"

If there is one country in the world, which now causes a lot of frustration in the circles of American intelligence, is Saudi Arabia. According to Chicago Tribune columnist Rachel Marsden, with the idea about the harmfulness of the actions of Riyadh can accept both Russia and the United States.

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Saudi Arabia has found a way to slow the growth of Iran's oil exports
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Riyadh is taking steps that will affect attempts by Tehran to increase oil exports, writes the FT. According to her, Saudi Arabia has restricted the access of Iranian tankers in its territorial waters.

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Iran decided to sell oil cheaper than Saudi Arabia

With all of the talk about the freezing of oil production of Iran announced its decision to increase its production to 4 million barrels. a day. Tehran to sell oil cheaper than his competitors in the region, including Saudi Arabia.

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Visit of king of Saudi Arabia to Turkey will not be crucial
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Any contacts of CSA with Turkey will be perceived negatively in Iran, and the contacts of the Turks with the Iranians will be negatively perceived by the Saudis.

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Life after oil: the Saudis set up a Fund of $2 trillion
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Saudi Arabia is preparing for the end of the "oil era" and creates the world's largest sovereign Fund is the most valuable asset of the Kingdom, according to Bloomberg. As a result the main source of income for the country should be investing, not oil.

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Princes has brought Russia. Saudi Arabia buried the idea of freezing oil
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Saudi Arabia will not fix the level of oil production, while this does not make Iran. The Saudis do not want to give an advantage to its historical rival, who intends not to freeze, and to increase production. The position of the Saudis devalues the very idea of freezing the prey and strike oil quotes.

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