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The Lebanese fault line
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

In the media there is information that Lebanon denied the special relationship with Saudi Arabia and under the pressure of Hezbollah sided with Russia and Iran. These rumors are exaggerated, although Riyadh and is doing everything possible for the loss of its own influence on the Country of the Cedars.

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Saudi Arabia opens new front against Iran

The statement of the secretary general of Council of cooperation of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf Abd al-Latif of Rasheed of an az-Ziyana for the announcement of the movement Hizballah by "the terrorist organization" − it, first of all, the statement for opening by Saudis and their allies of the new front against Iran and its policy in the region. This time – in Lebanon.

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WSJ: Iran doesn't support idea of Moscow and Riyadh

Iran doesn't intend to join the arrangement of Saudi Arabia and Russia on freezing of volumes of oil production. About it writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to the official representative of the Ministry of oil of Iran.

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Truce in Syria or the successful blackmail

The truce called in Syria looks still very strange and not up to the end clear even to "peremirshchik".

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Opinion: Falling oil prices will bankrupt the likes of Russia, Saudi Arabia
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

New sovereign-debt crisis could bring down Western banks as well.

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Saudi Arabia will for the first time borrow in a foreign market because of cheap oil
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

Saudi Arabia for a budget deficit covering in $87 billion is going to borrow for the first time in the international market. At the first stage the volume of debt placement of Riyadh can make $5 billion, analysts consider.

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Big Middle Eastern trap

The president Barack Obama made the last appeal to the Congress. The term of its powers comes to an end soon, and many analysts consider the most considerable achievement of its administration removal of sanctions from Iran. On the other hand, the Middle Eastern policy of the USA which brought to sharp, already four times to falling of price of oil, is still a riddle: whether it is new strategy of Washington in the world, whether the next zigzag of so-called policy of "the operated chaos". The Middle East can become for someone a trap of "chaos", but for whom? Here in what a question …

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Big game in the Middle East: stab in the back of the USA
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

"Big game" in the Middle East, since 19th century, never terminated. Periodically its form, players, their purposes and tasks which they set for themselves changed. The Middle East — it not only a cradle of civilizations and the biggest oil and gas tank of the planet, it also a traditional place of crossing of cultures, international trade where three parts of the world together meet: Asia, Africa and Europe.

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In the White house this lesson was learned

Without desire, special on that, Tehran largely salted to the anti-Iranian lobby in the Congress and the Senate of the USA. The equal rank of the democrats who forgot about party disagreements and republicans, touchingly the zadruzhivshikh because of full rejection of the Vienna agreements of 2015 (they are JCPOA or SKPD – the Joint comprehensive plan of actions according to the nuclear program of Iran), already prepared for large-scale and spectacular participation in the new crisis connected with detention in the Iranian waters of ten seamen of US NAVY.

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Competition and/or confrontation

The relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran remain former.

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