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Defeated virus: possible return of smallpox

The world's last case of the disease smallpox was recorded on October 26, 1977. Today, the disease that annually had killed hundreds of thousands of people, is defeated. A crucial role in eradicating this deadly virus played by the Soviet doctors. The idea that only global vaccination on the planet ever save people from smallpox, expressed in 1958 at the eleventh session of the who academician Viktor Zhdanov. How vaccination has saved mankind from smallpox and other deadly diseases at RT.

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The age of antibiotics is over. What now?
Проект: New in Science

When Alexander Fleming returned from vacation in the summer of 1928, and found in his London laboratory table contaminated with the mould Penicillium notatum, he began a new era of superiority of science over nature. Since antibiotics as open to them personally and many other, open through his work, saved millions of lives and saved a huge number of people from suffering. But from the beginning of this era, scientists have known that she would come to an end. They just didn't know when.

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Synthetic spinal cord will solve the problem of paralysis
Проект: New in Science

Some will say that experience is the best teacher. And for people like Hugh Herr, this opinion is indeed axiomatic. Being a disabled person without legs, he was in dire need of adequate prostheses, but in the end, not finding them, decided to develop their own. Who would have thought that what creates Herr, over time, acquire the status of the world's most advanced bionic technology.

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The future of medicine: how biostable will revolutionize surgery
Проект: New in Science

At first glance, the glass is not very suitable replacement for broken bones, but British surgeons have found that the so-called biostable not only stronger than human bone, but can bend, bounce and even fight infection. What does this mean for medicine?

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Scientists are sounding the alarm: the era of antibiotics ends
Проект: New in Science

Recently it seemed that humanity had won almost all his major enemies, like cholera. However, there are bacteria that have managed to adapt to all known drugs. If the microcosm will increase the pressure, according to doctors in a few years, the threat can be any scratch.

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The first "animal cells" can be created by viruses
Проект: New in Science

When a virus infects a living cell, it hijacks and preprogrammed the cage, turning it into a factory for the production of the virus. Scientists from the University of California first discovered, how serious could it be reprogramming: the cells of bacteria effectively transformed into animal or plant cells. Perhaps it is so appeared the first cells of complex organisms.

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A quiet revolution in Oncology
Проект: New in Science

The key word here is QUIET. But this is the case when the silence needs to break Tam-Tams, timpani and revolutionary shots "Aurora". And all because in medicine there was a real coup. And know about it. This is genuine and not overblown in the interest of sensation. It is not not theory and practice. This should write and broadcast at every step. And then they will have saved the lives of many people, including those who already do not have the slightest hope.

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The Russian model of health care on par with the Nigerian
Проект: On the national idea

The Russian authorities are paying for the fact that the provision of medical services, not for their results, says the report of The Economist Intelligence Unit. This puts national health care on a par with medicine in third world countries.

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