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Who shot, anywhere?
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Information about the air attack on a facility in Syria extremely controversial. In fact, it is unknown who made it (though by default it is assumed that it was the Israeli air force), nor what was the purpose of the RAID.

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What is the smell of the cryogenic anniversary of Russian aviation
Проект: New in Science

April 15, 1988, when for the first time rose into the sky Tu-155 with engine on liquid hydrogen, marking, writes in his article Sergei Grinyaev, "the era of cryoplanes" in aviation - from this date a succession saddest dates in the history of Russian science and technology. Unfortunately, a succession of extensive and continuous.

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Based operations effects during the air campaign against Iraq
Проект: Iraq: Lessons and Conclusions

Air forces of the USA and the UK during the aggression against Iraq has taken a new approach to the conduct of air operations. According to the implemented by the U.S. army concept for the formation of the army of the twenty-first century, the actions of the air forces of the coalition are planned on the basis of operational analysis of the situation in the combat area and are shown as "operations on the basis of effects" ("effect-based operations"). This type of operation was worked out during large-scale exercises of "Millennium Challenge 2002", which took place in the summer of 2002, as well as during operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

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