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Why did Gorbachev give the USA a part of the USSR's waters in the northern seas, and what does the State Duma of the Russian Federation say about it today
Проект: Sea policy

In 1990, making concessions to the United States, the USSR gave them a huge territory rich in commercial fish and deposits of natural resources. This happened after the signing of the Agreement on June 1, which defined the maritime borders between the states, giving the United States a much greater territorial advantage. The agreement signed by Shevardnadze and Baker has not yet been ratified by the Russian side, which believes that the procedure was carried out in violation of not only Russian, but also international legislation.

31-08-2022 Gornova Anna M. 36554 0

A pilot case on the market
Проект: Sea policy

A pilot issue for more than twenty years, dominates the professional community not getting its final decision. Taken at the beginning of the new era of legislative initiative for the democratization activities of the marine pilots turned out to be half-hearted. As a result, in this important field was in conflict when it is impossible to make a final decision on the structuring activities of pilot organizations. As a result, the pilots are divided into "statists" and "privateers", which significantly reduces the possibilities of the development of a pilot business in the country. On the epistemological roots of the current situation in the pilot, about what, how and why is happening in this area, in an interview with Vladimir Egorkina, state marine pilot (1974-1992.), pilot commander of the SPb (1992-2007.), President of the Association of sea pilots of Russia (1995-2007), honored worker of transport of the Russian Federation, honorary worker of sea fleet of the Russian Federation, candidate of law.N.

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A military expert said the reasons for the redeployment of the Caspian fleet
Проект: Sea policy

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said about the upcoming translation of the Caspian fleet from Astrakhan, on the Caspian. Military expert Vladimir Bogatyrev on radio Sputnik noted that the value of this fleet in the recent times has increased significantly.

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In Rosmorrechflot summed up 2017 and outlined the objectives for 2018
Проект: Sea policy

The results of the 2017 and tasks to 2018 – became the main topic on the agenda of the Board of the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport and the Public Council under the Rosmorrechflot, on March 27 gathered for a joint meeting under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of transport of the Russian Federation – head of Rosmorrechflot Viktor Olersky. The meeting was attended by transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, the head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov, the Deputy of the state Duma, the Chairman of the Public Council under the Rosmorrechflot, the polar Explorer Arthur Chilingarov, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Rosmorrechflot, the Chairman of the Russian national fleet support movement Mikhail Nenashev, the representatives of the presidential Administration, government agencies, managers of marine and river basin administrations, the captains of the ports, heads of industry unions, businesses, companies and educational institutions.

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Christmas Sea unites the whole World
Проект: Sea policy

This concludes the 2017-th year. The river was deep, navigation is favorable. Adopted the key and learning the industry laws as the Law on ports, Law on cabotage and others. The ports comes the digitalization and naturally optimizes many processes. In the past year legislated investment tax, which will be used for the renewal and development of infrastructure of ports. December marked the first shipment of LNG in the port of Sabetta on the "Christophe de Margerie". In 2017 were a lot of good achievements. And all that has saddened and grieved, will carry some of his final days.

27-12-2017 Gornova Anna M. 8132 0

Some aspects of marine policy of Russia in the Arctic
Проект: Sea policy

Speech of the coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts of Anna Gornova on the "round table" "Modern Arctic: issues of international cooperation, politics, economy and security" on 22 November, 2017 at the Institute of Europe RAS

22-11-2017 Gornova Anna M. 3923 0

Naval strength of the Russian Empire
Проект: Sea policy

Traditionally, the term sea power is applied to countries such as USA and UK due to its geographical location was prone to creating a strong naval force, with which he projected his power and influence over some regions of the world. Opposite to these countries – France, Germany, etc. – are traditionally called continental, implying highest priority for their military forces in the land theater of hostilities. These countries normally referred and Russia. However, on closer scrutiny, the history of Russia, we may find that this statement is controversial. The Russian government has access to three seas and 2 oceans, and its territory includes a large number of rivers and lakes, so marine component played a major role in its history.

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Torpedo doomsday: why Russian underwater nuclear weapons
Проект: Equipment and armament: yesterday, today and prospect

Gigantic, glowing from within steam dome soared into the sky above the Bay lips Black for a few seconds froze and rattled the donkey in the sea utyanuv for a in the depths of a small Navy.

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"Christophe de Margerie" training for the first loading of a gas Sabetti
Проект: Sea policy

At the seaport of Sabetta, the pilots of the FSUE "Rosmorport" provided pilotage of LNG carrier "Christophe de Margerie" and worked out different options for the use of tugs during mooring of the vessel, according to the November 8 port holding.

10-11-2017 Gornova Anna M. 3167 0

The impound yard? Taxes? What awaits small fleet in Russia?
Проект: Sea policy

The state Duma in the first reading adopted the bill, technically raising the fines and giving the risk of new business with private stratstone.  

23-10-2017 Gornova Anna M. 2587 0