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How many Russian imported fish?
Проект: Sea policy

About how many in Russia imported imported fish products and reduce the export of raw discussed the March 15 meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for fisheries.

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The fishing industry in anticipation of the transition into a new reality - 2019
Проект: Sea policy

15 March a meeting of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Fisheries. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the Union of fishing collective farms of Russia Alexander Medvedev. Were summed up the results of work of fishery complex in 2017, discussed the goals and objectives of the public Declaration of the Agency in 2018. During the steady increase of catches, gaining momentum and commodity fish breeding. The highest rate of growth in the production of commercial aquaculture in the Republic of Crimea. In terms of production in the southern Federal district in the lead – Rostov, Astrakhan region and Krasnodar Krai. From April the industry will start the bidding company prescriptio quotas for new fifteen year period. Great hopes are placed on investcom mechanism through which the state stimulates the renewal of the fleet and onshore processing plants, but also stimulates the development of domestic civil shipbuilding.

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The transport industry needs balance
Проект: Sea policy

Shipping is an engine for the development of shipbuilding and innovation. However, the lack of balance transport inland water transport can not compete with the state monopolies. 5 March in Moscow at the Russian University of transport held a Congress of transport workers of Russia, which was visited by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin focused on the development of inland waterways and demanded that the government fully implement all mandated development plans in this area.

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Practice of combating Maritime piracy in the twenty-first century

In the beginning of XXI century the level of safety of Maritime navigation has significantly decreased due to intensification in some regions of the world of modern pirates. According to the definition of International Maritime Bureau, piracy — "boarding any vessel with the intent to commit theft or any other crime and with the intent or capability to use force in order to facilitate the implementation of this act" [1].

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Paul Fedyaev: will immersion in a digital environment for all sectors of port facilities
Проект: Sea policy

March 1, following the President's address to the Federal Assembly Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on transport and construction Paul Fedyaev (fraction "United Russia") has commented on the development of water transport and ports.

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Ilya Shestakov: the First development Strategy of the fishing industry gets such a clear bias in the direction of the economy
Проект: Sea policy

On 26 February in Moscow hosted the IV Congress of workers of a fishery complex of the Russian Federation.

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Victor Deryabkin: development of inland waterways requires the elimination of discriminatory towards the river tariff regulation
Проект: Sea policy

February 20, held a regular meeting of the Section for Maritime and river issues of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on transport and construction.

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Victor Deryabkin: Modern alternative to licensing has been the expansion of the state port control
Проект: Sea policy

On 20 February a meeting of the Section of Maritime and river transport at the state Duma Committee on transport and construction, dedicated to the optimisation of control and Supervisory activities on sea and inland water transport.

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For building the Arctic? Without standards and on foreign equipment?
Проект: Arctic and Antarctic in modern geopolitics

Import substitution technologies and materials in the infrastructure of the North, Arctic and Far East.  

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Vladimir Putin focused on the support of river navigation
Проект: Sea policy

February 9 the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs took part the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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