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The survey shows that Russia has the potential to become a leader in the production of "marine" drugs
Проект: Sea policy

The scientists of far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), together with colleagues from Switzerland are sure that Russia can take first place in the world for the extraction of medicinal compounds from marine invertebrates — many of them have potent antitumor potential. The country can create a market for new drugs for targeted therapy of cancer. Its share in global market volume of cancer drugs, whose capacity, according to forecasts, in 2020 will reach $200 billion, is comparable to the share of the United States. Scientific review on this topic in Marine Drugs.

29-09-2019 Gornova Anna M. 357 0

The fishermen are demanding to impose a moratorium on the transformation of "historical principle"
Проект: Sea policy

Debate continues surrounding the attempt of the Federal Antimonopoly service to change the "historical principle" allocation of quota to fish, adopted in most countries of the world and showed a positive trend in Russia. This time the fishing community excited about the preparation of the FAS draft order of the Government of the Russian Federation on amendments to the action plan (road map) for the development of competition, according to which it is proposed to distribute not less than 50% of the volume of quotas of extraction (catch) of aquatic biological resources, previously distributed on the "historical principle", by means of auction in the electronic form.

20-09-2019 Gornova Anna M. 669 0

Advanced technologies: from structures to "smart port"
Проект: Sea policy

In April this year in Moscow the Analytical centre under the Government of the Russian Federation held the IV all-Russian forum of port "port Infrastructure: construction, reconstruction, modernization", organized by the magazine "Sea ports" with the support of the Association of sea commercial ports (ASOP), Rosmorrechflot and Rosmorport. The Forum was attended by over 100 participants representing the Federal bodies of Executive and legislative power, design, construction, operational, research enterprises and organizations of the Maritime industry, financial and educational institutions, public associations and unions. As noted by the forum participants, the conference venue at the site of the Russian Government justified and symbolic. The pooling of resources and interests of the state and business in development of this important segment of the economy and of the transport complex is of great importance. Not accidentally, the development of sea ports of Russia was given the status of a national project.

12-09-2019 admin 309 0

The development of marine economy will allow Russia to become a leading global player
Проект: Sea policy

The development of the marine sector, shipbuilding and all the projects associated with this segment is a strategic priority for our country at the present stage of its development – the economist believes Dmitry Demidov.

06-09-2019 Gornova Anna M. 616 0

The Outlook for the global tuna industry and opportunities for the development of Russian tuna industry
Проект: Sea policy

Published an overview of the Fund "Marlene" about the prospects of global tunaindustry and the possibilities of development of the Russian tuna industry prepared for"governmental hour" meeting of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation 23July 2019 with the participation of the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev.

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July 23 — the world day of whales and dolphins
Проект: Sea policy

World day of whales and dolphins is celebrated annually on 23 July. On this day in 1986, a ban on whaling.

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In honor of world oceans day created a sci-Fi anthology
Проект: Sea policy

Current Futures, new science-fiction anthology of short stories, was published online this week in honor of world oceans day.

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The world's fishing fleet grew over 65 years by half. The efficiency of the fishing fell by 80%
Проект: Sea policy

Australian scientists have calculated that over the past 65 years, the number of fishing vessels increased from 1.7 million to 3.7 million, but, despite the development of technologies, their efficiency fell: those same efforts lead to a much lower volume of production. But not because people have forgotten how to fish, but because it has become less, and this is to blame the environmental changes, associated in particular with uncontrolled extraction.

02-06-2019 admin 242 0

Results and prospects
Проект: Sea policy

Intensive development of ports and waterways, including the Northern sea route requires a conversion system of the pilot provision of merchant shipping in accordance with the strategic prospect of development of Maritime activities of the Russian Federation. Maritime security as a global value is the responsibility of the state, outside the sphere of venture enterprise, governed by the laws of the market.

28-05-2019 Gornova Anna M. 753 0

What awaits us in the XXI century? Futurist ray Kurzweil's prediction
Проект: Sea policy

Published the most comprehensive forecast of futurist ray Kurzweil, engineering Director of Google, which, as nobody knows where we are going and what awaits us in the near future.

22-04-2019 Gornova Anna M. 1167 0

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