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Today is world oceans day
Проект: Sea policy

Earth is a planet of oceans. More than 70% of the Earth's surface belongs to water element. In 2018, the year world oceans day, established in 2008 year by resolution of the UN General Assembly, is celebrated officially for the 10th time. A significant part of the masterpieces of world art dedicated to the water element. Since ancient times, the ocean provides a person with numerous services and resources, as a source of food, the basis of navigation, trade, medicine, tourism and recreation. This day is celebrated by everyone whose life is connected with the sea: sailors, divers, oceanographers, ichthyologists, ecologists, divers, marine painters. The main mission of the festival - a call to governments on the reduction of anthropogenic pressures and the adverse effects on the seas and oceans. Modern challenges of civilization associated with that day, commented on the project participants "Maritime policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts.

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The Deputy of the state Duma proposed to establish a Sea trade Union "Russia – Greece"
Проект: Sea policy

June 4-5 2018, at the initiative of the State Duma in Moscow held the first international forum "Development of parliamentarism". The forum aims to consolidate the efforts of parliamentarians, experts and scientists, to give impetus to the development of the parliamentary diplomacy in promising directions. Head of the Deputy group of the state Duma for relations with Parliament of the Hellenic Republic Pavel Fedyaev told about the results of meetings with the parliamentarians of Greece in the framework of the program of the forum events.

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The hydrofoil new generation of "Valdai 45R" presented in Saint-Petersburg in the framework of SPIEF 2018
Проект: Sea policy

At the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF-2018) in the Neva river, the presentation of high-speed passenger hydrofoils (SEC) a new generation of "Valdai 45R", designed and built by JSC "CKB po SPK im. R. E. Alekseev", the correspondent of "PortNews".

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The main task of Russian Association of fishermen to preserve the "historical principle" allocation of quota
Проект: Sea policy

May 24, 2018 General meeting of the nonprofit organization "Russian Association of fishery enterprises, entrepreneurs and exporters," (BUT "VARPE") with the participation of representatives from 67 of the fishing companies and industry associations. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of trade and industry of the Russian Federation Oleg Ryazantsev and Deputy head of the Federal Agency for fishery Peter Savchuk.

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The first all-Russian meeting of marine painters was held in Moscow
Проект: Sea policy

April 25 in Moscow hosted the first all-Russian meeting of marine painters, which brought together participants from more than 65 regions of our country.

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The Russian government has summed up the development of inland water transport and Maritime activities for 6 years
Проект: Sea policy

The Russian government has summed up done for 6 years towards the development of inland water transport and Maritime activities. Relevant material under the title "6 years of Government: some important facts and figures", published on the government portal as attachments to the transcript of the Government's report on the results of work in 2012 to 2017, which in the state Duma by the Chairman of the RF Government Dmitry Medvedev.

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Sea Russia as a new potential power
Проект: Sea policy

To build a living relationship with the Maritime community, tapping the human potential of the Russian Navy, and marine veterans who have unique knowledge and practical experience in all the "levels and levels", the authorities proposed to solve the accumulated problems in the country and in the Maritime industry.

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Carte Blanche to Russia in the marine economy
Проект: Sea policy

The world is gradually moving in the "blue economy" based on and driven by the seas and oceans occupying over 70% of the Earth's surface. More and more countries see in the "blue economy" new points of their socio-economic growth. The "blue economy" over time formed of the integrated Maritime policy of countries and the "green economy", based on ecological principles.

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Price: $34 billion. Why it's hard to meet the requirements of the IMO to reduce sulphur emissions
Проект: Sea policy

Two years later the sulphur content of marine fuel shall be not more than 0.5%, with the equipment of the vessel by the exhaust system called a scrubber (scrubber), or not.

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Проект: Sea policy

The improvement of transport infrastructure through further development of the core transport network, including infrastructure, sea and inland waterway transport, is one of the strategic directions of state policy in the transport sector, the authority and responsibility of the state.

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