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Experts on the return of Russia on the freight market competition
Проект: Sea policy

In the late 80s, the sea ports of the Soviet Union handled about 400 million tons of cargo, of which about 240 million tons (60%) was transported by the court of the national flag. The right to a certain share of national goods was articulated in various international agreements of the Soviet Union, and was enshrined in them. In 2017 the ports of Russia has passed the order of 786 million tons of freight. Approximately 46,4 million tons passed through the ports of Ukraine and Baltic countries, excluding Finland. Courts of the Russian flag is carried today, we have only 1-2% of foreign trade goods. The rest of the traffic is about 750 million tons served by foreign carriers. The price for the country's economy - $ 30 billion annually is spent on chartering of foreign ships for the carriage of national cargo. Here even the money to build the fleet search is not necessary, it is sufficient to pass from the pocket of the foreigner in the pocket of a Russian organization which would have had the Russian budget. The situation is made comments by experts of the Center for strategic assessments and forecasts.

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On the consumption of fish and fish products (data research VTSIOM)
Проект: Sea policy

The majority of Russian families to buy fish at least once per month, with half of the respondents would like to eat fish dishes more frequently.

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Russia announced a series of projects in the field of unmanned navigation and implementation of relevant legal norms
Проект: Sea policy

In the framework of the international exhibition SMM in Hamburg, 2018 September 5, 2018 hosted an international conference Marinette, dedicated to the promising technological solutions for the Maritime industry, which was attended by companies and research centers from different countries of the world.

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On the issue of the use of transport vessels for the transportation of catches of aquatic biological resources and fish products of which outside Russian jurisdiction
Проект: Sea policy

Currently, section 9 of article 1 of the Federal law of 20.12.2004 № 166-FZ "On fisheries and conservation of aquatic biological resources" (hereinafter "fisheries Act") defines fishing as "activities for the extraction (catch) of water bioresources and in the cases provided for by this Federal law on acceptance, processing, handling, transportation, storage and unloading of catches of aquatic biological resources, the production of fish and other production from water biological resources".

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Rostec launched the movement of a passenger vessel on underwater wings "Comet 120M" between Sevastopol and Yalta
Проект: Sea policy

The opening of the regular high-speed passenger hydrofoil "Comet 120M" was held on 30 July 2018 in Sevastopol. A new vehicle for the Crimea created the Kalashnikov Concern, part of rostec state Corporation. As the press service of Rostec, the ship will operate between Sevastopol and Yalta, making four flights per day, travel time will be two hours. The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of industry and tradeand Russia. In the framework of this project the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia has included in the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of shipbuilding and equipment for offshore fields development in 2013 - 2030" funds in the amount of 1.24 billion rubles. for the leasing of passenger vessels for the construction of three vessels at JSC "shipyard "Vympel". which provides concessional lease (for a period of 15 years, a down payment of 10% for each vessel, the percentage is 2.5). These funds were submitted to the authorized capital of the USC, and then was concluded the loan agreement between JSC "USC" and ZAO "Goznak-Leasing", as well as contracts of sale and leases between ZAO "Goznak-Leasing", JSC "shipyard "Vympel" and the company-operator.

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The state Duma has allowed Russian ships repeatedly crossing the state border in the notification procedure
Проект: Sea policy

The state Duma on 18 July 2018 adopted the law "On amendments to article 9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the State border of the Russian Federation" according to which Russian vessels that have passed customs control, may repeatedly cross the state border in the notification procedure. As noted in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, the new law is aimed at creating optimal conditions for the development of domestic fisheries.

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The fishermen may ban foreign vessels will help to fight against "flags of convenience" - the Union
Проект: Sea policy

Ban the use of foreign vessels for the transport of goods, of which the Border service of the FSB of Russia advised fishing companies, can help to combat so-called flags of convenience, to regulate fishing and to protect the rights of seafarers. This was announced on Wednesday, TASS, the Chairman of the far Eastern regional organization "Russian seamen's Union" Nikolai Sukhanov.

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VARPE appealed to the State Duma with the request to suspend consideration of amendments to the law "On the state border of the Russian Federation"
Проект: Sea policy

July 13, the Federal fishery Agency discussed the draft law "On amending the Russian Federation Law "On the state border of the Russian Federation" and certain legislative acts". Representatives of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Federal Agency for fishery and fishermen's associations decided to ask the State Duma to suspend consideration of the bill.

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Actualization of issues of organization and legislative solution to pilot security in the Russian Federation at the present stage, taking into account the IMO Resolution A. 960(23) recommendations EMPA, IMPA
Проект: Sea policy

It is necessary to exclude the possibility of privatization, individuals functions are Maritime safety and national security functions at sea. Russia needs modern Service for ensuring and monitoring the safety of navigation on the level of advanced countries.

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Marine spatial planning as part of the new geopolitics
Проект: Sea policy

March 1 address to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of the Strategy of spatial development of the Russian Federation, which will be the basis for a comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure in the country. The implementation of this plan, the President named a priority for the next Government. It is expected that the Strategy by mid-year will prepare the economic development Ministry. The document will take into account the particularities of each site and include measures for its effective development. The adoption of a fundamentally new for Russia type of document that combines the approaches of strategic and territorial planning envisaged № 172-FZ of 28 June 2014 "On strategic planning in Russia".

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