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Deputies will simplify some procedures and reduce duplicative regulations for vessels of the Russian flag
Проект: Sea policy

A number of requirements for vessels of the Russian flag today is much more than for foreign owners. This situation, the deputies will align in the near future that will have a positive impact on the competitiveness of the Russian flag.

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The report "Improving pilotage – improving the safety of navigation of vessels carrying dangerous goods in waters of Russia"
Проект: Sea policy

Pilotage in the seaports is a function of the state, as it is performed in accordance with its international obligation. At the same time pilotage - this is a mandatory paid service to the owner to ensure the safety of navigation of ships in difficult navigation areas, which is guaranteed by the state. From the stable operation of pilotage services depends on the uninterrupted operation of the ports, the level of safety of navigation, environmental safety areas, as well as the image of the Maritime countries in the international arena.

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The decision of the meeting on the theme: "Ensuring safe pilotage of the vessels (LNG carriers, tankers, etc.) with dangerous cargo in port areas and on complex (including the Arctic) routes. Modern threats"
Проект: Sea policy

More than 80% (10 billion tons) of world trade is carried by sea. According to IMO 90% of all accidents of ships in the oceans takes place in the 50-mile coastal zone, and most of them are in Straits, narrow waters, in ports and approaches to them, which greatly increases the negative environmental consequences of such incidents for the population of coastal cities and the economy of coastal States.

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The experts called for the adoption of the law on pilotage service
Проект: Sea policy

On 5 February at the Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY). Gubkin was held an expert round table on the theme: "Ensuring safe pilotage of the vessels (LNG carriers, tankers, etc.) with dangerous cargo in port areas and on complex (including the Arctic) routes. Modern threats", organized by the Center for strategic estimates and projections and the faculty of integrated security TEK. The discussion was attended by experts of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts, the representatives of FSUE Rosmorport, the Federal Agency of Maritime and river transport FGKU "the Administration of SMP", the pilots, the Russian professional Union of sailors, the interregional trade Union of pilots, the representative of LLC "Gazprom fleet" in the direction of safety of navigation, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences and other representatives of the expert community. Moderator "round table" was organized by the coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic estimates and projections Anna Gornova.

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A pilot service of Russia — policy of self-sufficiency
Проект: Sea policy

The legal form of a pilot system in Russia requires a change in accordance with the objectives of the development of the ports and the Northern sea route, which is indicated in the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and strategic planning documents. International practice shows that the absolute priority of Maritime pilotage is the safety of navigation, as emphasized in the resolutions and recommendations of the International pilots Association (IMPA). In different countries pilotage is carried out by the state represented by the state pilotage service or non-state pilotage organizations exclusively on a nonprofit basis. Pilotage dues are spent solely for the purpose of providing pilotage. Nowhere in the world there are no private pilotage companies operating on a commercial basis with a view to profit. In the Code of trading navigation (KTM the Russian Federation) sea pilots discussed in a separate Chapter No. 6. However, over 20 years after its adoption in Russia there were private pilotage company, as a pilot activity in General has not been resolved. The current system is inefficient, contains many distortions and contradictions, is very confusing, private pilotage company is not available for control and administration, and transparent spending of the target pilotage they cannot provide. REGNUM news Agency continues to understand in what the reason of the current situation and why the decision of the constitutional court, adopted nearly 15 years ago, still not done. What is the cause of the problems and what can be the solution in the article coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts of Anna Gornova.

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Found a direct relationship between the warming of the ocean with the energy of the waves
Проект: Causes and consequences of abnormal heat in summer 2010

The sea level rise puts coastal areas at the forefront of climate change, but new research shows that they face other threats associated with climate.

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Happy New Year Marine.
Проект: Sea policy

Like in the ocean the world is immersed in digital cyberspace. This immersion opens up many new opportunities, but also creates not fewer threats, changing the usual for many generations of reality. In such a high dynamics of changes brought about by technological advances and geopolitics, sustainability and capacity of the state is manifested in the mentality of its people. Russia is the marine mentality. We should actively build up its naval advantage. In the global world of the future marine priority is above all the economic advantage and the possibility of influence on the climate.

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Experts called for reforms in a pilot sector
Проект: Sea policy

1 November in Moscow with the support of the Foundation for public diplomacy support. A. M. Gorchakov at the Russian state University of oil and gas (national research UNIVERSITY). I. M. Gubkin was held the Fifth annual meeting of the International expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic (IECCA), which was devoted to search and rescue victims, liquidation of accidents and technological disasters in the Arctic. A plenary meeting was held by the Dean of the faculty of cybersecurity TEK, Ph. D. Sergey Grinyaev. With a salutatory word to the participants turned the rector of the University Professor Viktor Martynov. In the address of the forum welcome addresses sent State Duma deputies from the faction "United Russia" Grigory Ledkov and Paul Fedyaev.

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The marine community should be more vigorously involved in a positive transformation of the country and the welfare of the people - the VII Congress of the Russian movement fleet support
Проект: Sea policy

Sea, river community of Russia, workers of the oldest branches of transport and representatives of the most high-tech, requiring higher skills and special collectivist psychology, branches of the Armed forces should more actively to realize its powerful potential in the processes of positive transformation of the country and the welfare of the people. This was stated by the participants of the VII Congress of the largest marine national voluntary organizations - the all-Russian movement support fleet (DFT), which began on 19 October his work at the Moscow state Academy of water transport.

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A reversal of the large internal market is hoping for "a little fishing"
Проект: Sea policy

The fish will float to the domestic market much faster due to the competition of small businesses if they create conditions for development.

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