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Проект: Sea policy

08-06-2022 Gornova Anna M. 15480 0

Проект: Sea policy

08-06-2022 Gornova Anna M. 16201 0

Проект: Sea policy

The ban on the organization of sea communication with the ports of the Russian Federation and the maintenance of Russian vessels in foreign ports will violate the UN Conventions on the Law of the Sea, according to the coordinator of the project "Maritime Policy" of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts - Anna Gornova.  

03-03-2022 Gornova Anna M. 37495 0

Consider tails: a digital ecosystem - for fisheries
Проект: Sea policy

Coordinator of the Marine Policy project of the Center for Strategic Assessments and Forecasts Anna Gornova talks about proposals to ensure a comprehensive alignment of the mechanism of investment quotas with the main national economic priorities.

26-12-2021 Gornova Anna M. 48973 0

Проект: Sea policy

On the eve of the Fisherman's Day, I would like to say about the upcoming transformation of the fishing industry.

09-07-2021 Gornova Anna M. 40570 0

Проект: Sea policy

16-06-2021 Gornova Anna M. 34649 0

Проект: Sea policy

13-04-2021 Gornova Anna M. 31552 0

Fisheries policy of China as a trigger of change in the industry
Проект: Sea policy

Effective state policy in the field of fisheries can and should be conducted not only at the expense of the fisherman.

18-02-2021 Gornova Anna M. 44583 0

Проект: Sea policy

Farms were relevant in a new era: November 28, 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the Kaliningrad regional Union of fishing collective farms (CORC) is the largest regional industry Association of Russia.

26-11-2020 Gornova Anna M. 5776 0