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When will the pandemic end and what awaits us after it?

Experts predict that by the winter of 2025, the pandemic will end, and COVID-19 will take its place among seasonal colds and flu. The Economist magazine has collected the most realistic post-pandemic forecasts: how long will we have to be vaccinated, will the coronavirus become less dangerous than the flu, and is there a high probability of a catastrophic mutation in which the deadly beta strain and the super-contagious delta strain will converge?

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The Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, the largest base of biochemical weapons in the United States, stored a large number of dangerous and deadly viruses and there were many serious accidents with the leakage of dangerous biological substances. What are the secrets of the laboratory and how is the COVID-19 pandemic related to them?

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The unknown who put an end to epidemics

As soon as the blessed XIX century is not called, it is the age of steam, the age of electricity, the age of socialist ideas, and the age of railways. But, it just so happened that for the vast majority of people on the planet who lived at that time, this century became the age of cholera.

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What really happened in Wuhan?

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