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"On the brink of a third world": what are the implications of US air strikes on Syrian army

The agreement between Russia and the United States to resolve the Syrian conflict may be disrupted. The situation in the middle East flared up again after American aircraft struck on the evening of Saturday, September 17, strikes on government forces in Syria. With the help of experts RT figured out why the parties did not manage to compromise and what political implications of the strikes.

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The U.S. in January has paid Iran $1.7 billion in cash

U.S. authorities in January of this year, Iran has paid cash of $ 1.7 billion in long failed military deal, and the transaction was made in foreign currency, said Tuesday the news Agency associated Press.

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Turkey, Iran and Russia
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Of course the events of July 15, directly hit in Turkey. But I suppose their effects is not limited. Indirectly, the the day July 15 was turned upside down the projects of the global hegemonic powers, who for the last quarter of the century, based on the number of memorized ideas, implement its plan of chaos in the Mediterranean basin, the middle East and Eurasia. So, not always things go as in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the middle East. You see, along with the "toothy" Russia and Iran have a "toothy" Turkey. The risk for hegemonic powers have increased. In the period when they are individually engaged in Turkey, Iran and Russia, there was a picture of these three forces at one point began to approach each other. I have no doubt that in the future, to break this pattern, the hegemony will further tempt fate. Where it leads we do not know. Let's wait and see.

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That will change the Turkish invasion of Syria?

The civil war in Syria has lasted for more than five years and yet shows no signs of a speedy cessation. On the contrary, it involved more number of participants – this week they were joined by Turkey, which tanks entered the territory of neighbouring States with the aim of supporting the "Free Syrian army" (CAC) in the liberation of the border city Jarablus from the militants of the terrorist group "Islamic state". To see the city managed without any problems – according to the Turkish Ministry of defense, during the operation killed one soldier of the SAS, another two dozen were injured. This loss of jihadists allegedly amounted to at least 30 people were killed. It is worth noting that Turkey has previously participated in strikes on positions "Islamic state", but it was done exclusively from the air. In addition, she became the first country where military vehicles entered Syrian territory.

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The Russian-Iranian "partnership" and the shifting Sands of the City

Russian experts have mastered in the mind of the fees for the glorification of the new ambitious "diplomatic victory of Moscow - the deployment of Russian airbases in Iranian Hamedane, but the harsh reality is categorically confused their plans. The evening of 21 August, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehghan announced the termination of flights of Russian long-range aviation in the country. Moreover, in explaining the reasons Tehran is not particularly restrained itself in terms.

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Bloomberg: Russia left the base after Iranian accusations of "window dressing"

The Russian planes left the air base in Hamadan, which they used to implement the strikes on extremists in Syria. Earlier the fact that Russia has disapprovals on this basis, has caused outrage in the Iranian Parliament, and the country's defense Minister accused Moscow of "window dressing," writes Bloomberg.

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Tehran refused to buy Moscow's s-400

Iran plans to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-400, said the Minister of defence of the Islamic Republic Hossein Dehgan. On Saturday, August 20, reports RIA Novosti, citing Agency Tasnim.

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Iran have spread their wings Russian

The intensification of military cooperation with Russia in Syria turns Tehran into a global player.

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The new Alliance spreads its wings over Syria
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The use of a military airfield in Iran will greatly increase the efficiency of the Russian VKS.

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Russian Tu-22M3 bombers took off from Iranian bases and bombed ISIS in Syria
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The Russian defense Ministry confirmed the deployment of Tu-22M3 and su-34 at the air base, Hamadan in Iran.

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