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Bloomberg: Russia left the base after Iranian accusations of "window dressing"

The Russian planes left the air base in Hamadan, which they used to implement the strikes on extremists in Syria. Earlier the fact that Russia has disapprovals on this basis, has caused outrage in the Iranian Parliament, and the country's defense Minister accused Moscow of "window dressing," writes Bloomberg.

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Tehran refused to buy Moscow's s-400

Iran plans to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-400, said the Minister of defence of the Islamic Republic Hossein Dehgan. On Saturday, August 20, reports RIA Novosti, citing Agency Tasnim.

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Iran have spread their wings Russian

The intensification of military cooperation with Russia in Syria turns Tehran into a global player.

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The new Alliance spreads its wings over Syria
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The use of a military airfield in Iran will greatly increase the efficiency of the Russian VKS.

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Russian Tu-22M3 bombers took off from Iranian bases and bombed ISIS in Syria
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The Russian defense Ministry confirmed the deployment of Tu-22M3 and su-34 at the air base, Hamadan in Iran.

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Iran will move "Turkish stream"

Iran wants Turkey to supply gas to Europe. The Islamic Republic is a direct competitor to Russia on the market of both the EU and Turkey, which Moscow has resumed talks on Turkish stream". Ankara uses Tehran as a bargaining chip in negotiations with "Gazprom" — the threat of a potential supply may force the Russian company to give the Turks a discount.

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Corridor "North-South" will become a competitor to the Suez canal
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The project of International transport corridor (MTK) "the North — South length of 7200 km, connecting Northern Europe with India and the Gulf States, will be one of the key themes of the summit of leaders of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan in Baku. According to Iranian Press TV, the new route will compete with the Suez canal.

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Bashar al-Assad, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Kurdish question
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The Pentagon, the state Department and the administration of the President of the United States to perform tasks that intersect only depending on the predilections of those behind-the-scenes structures that stand behind each of these entities. The interests of the business elites of States and the strategic implementation of these interests build policy of the United States against friends, enemies and allies. Of course, the defense industry is designed for constant warfare and the development of new weapons.

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Media: Erdogan expressed readiness together with Iran and Russia to restore peace in the region
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

According to the Agency IRNA, the President of Turkey during a phone conversation with Hassan Rouhani said that the country is ready to "hand in hand with Iran and Russia to contribute to solving regional problems."

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Rohani can replace Ahmadinejad new

Held in Iran in late April second round of elections to the Parliament practically has not brought changes to the already determined the balance of power between the "reformers", "independent" and "conservatives".

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