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Ilham Aliyev in Tehran: the reverse side of the festive officialdom

Fanfare sounded official reports about the visit of Azerbaijani President to Iran. Burnt by the preparation of the festive reports, journalists have been busy as well. The banners are collapsed, the carpet cleaned up and removed to the warehouse. The time has come for analysis, searching for the answer to the question "what was it?" And for that and don't like analysts, the real state of Affairs in their several materials, sometimes very categorical, different from the beautiful and Grand images in the mass media as an Iranian, Azerbaijani, and where do without them in Russia.

08-03-2017 Pankratenko Igor N. 2029 0

Russia means Iran the price of their political support

The official visit of Dmitry Rogozin to Iran cancelled for "technical reasons", unofficially because of privacy violations. In reality, however, few Moscow intends to "reshape" bilateral relations with Tehran in their favor. And in addition to obtain compensation for everything that does and will do next, covering Iran from the wrath of the United States.

17-02-2017 admin 2237 0

As the Mi-24 destroyed Israeli jet fighter: a unique record of Russian helicopters
Проект: The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Almost immediately, first developed in the Soviet Union and the helicopter began to be seen as an effective means for the destruction of tanks and equipment of the enemy. The helicopter with weapons on the basis of Mi-1ST contributed to the development of several unique achievements, percussion version of the Mi-1ST is the first serial combat helicopter and the first helicopter equipped with anti-tank missile systems.

17-01-2017 admin 3943 0

Nuclear reshuffle: what did Iran after the lifting of sanctions

A year after the sanctions are lifted, Iran regained its role in the oil market, economic and trade relations with foreign partners, including with Russia. However, in 2017, all of this could again be under threat.

17-01-2017 admin 1382 0

Funeral Rafsanjani: the slogans "Death to Russia!", "Hashemi, Your path will continue!" and other nuances

To 8.30 am on December 11 to the Tehran University, where he was to undergo the farewell ceremony of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, from all parts of Tehran began to flock to the people. After about an hour, Iranian television announced that to bid farewell to the deceased, it's about a million people. However, after another couple of hours Hossein Ali Amiri, Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for legal Affairs, called another figure – just participating in the funeral ceremony took about 2.5 million people. The opposition could not miss such a chance publicly and with impunity to show their disagreement with the regime struggling trying to turn the funeral Rafsanjani in a political demonstration.

12-01-2017 Pankratenko Igor N. 1724 0

Discomfort zones: a truce or partition Syria into spheres of influence?
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

Russia, Turkey and Iran are preparing to sign a deal on the division of Syria into informal zones of influence, reported Reuters.

31-12-2016 admin 2111 0

Pressure on Tehran must also have red lines

Orientalist Igor Pankratenko believes that the Republican elite, there is now a clear understanding that pressure on Iran will not lead to positive results.

02-12-2016 Pankratenko Igor N. 1412 0

The statement by Khamenei on the US is a step ahead of the curve

After the statements of newly elected President Donald trump on Iran, the Iranians tried to pretend that it doesn't move them, but nonetheless, a wariness of his statement still caused.

29-11-2016 Pankratenko Igor N. 1322 0

Shiite militias in the Syrian war: the Iranian factor
Проект: Civil war in Syria: preliminary conclusions and lessons

The territory of the Middle East remains, as in ancient times, the arena of confrontation. Where once led into battle their armies of Darius and Alexander the great were together in brutal combat the soldiers of Rome and Parthia, where the troops of the Prophet Mohammed fought against the Byzantines, and later fought against each other, the crusaders and the soldiers of Salah al-DIN – all these lands to once again represent the battlefield is not only the main powers in the region, but also the leading countries in international relations. The only difference is that Arsenal struggle has expanded considerably and includes in addition to the military and even diplomatic, political, economic, and informational tools.

02-11-2016 admin 7485 0

Transnational Islamism as the source of terrorism

Initially, when writing this article I would like to mention and remind that the main real danger for Russia of the early twentieth century A. E. Snesarev still not considered German military power, and not the semi-mythical "yellow peril" and "the forces of evil and terror" destroy the Fatherland from within. For several years Colonel of the Russian General staff explained from the pages of "voice of Truth" the government and the society the truth that "terrorism is the principle characteristic of the social-revolutionaries" and that they, under the slogan "liberation struggle" and the Communist phraseology actually mean only the seizure of power.

15-10-2016 admin 2689 0

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