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Energy diplomacy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

The rapidly growing electricity demand associated with demographic processes, the progress of urbanization, as well as with the use of inefficient technologies create a dangerous situation for the Egyptian economy.

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The likely scenario of a military conflict between the US and Iran. The combat capabilities of Iran and the development of military-political situation in the Middle East

The leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not exclude application of the United States and Israel of air strikes across the country and pays close attention to defining strategies for effective responses to potential aggression. The basis of this strategy is the implementation of the measures of "asymmetric war" and "retaliation" to compel the enemy to abandon an armed invasion.

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Murder Soleimani — prologue creative direction of collapse of the USA

A nation that wants to survive in history, can't miss a beat without answering the call. According to the law "Call-and-Response" formulated by Arnold Toynbee, it ceases to exist. Not immediately, but in the foreseeable future. It's like Gorbachev's regime, with all the evidence of the involvement of us intelligence to a provocative aerial of the South Korean "Boeing" in the airspace of the Soviet Union in the Arctic, they are not published and made the subject of backroom bargaining perestroika.

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The Emirate of Dubai as a modern example of paradiplomacy

Modern international relations can be characterized by several new trends: geopolitical instability, the information revolution, diffusion (bundle) power. The latter trend is due primarily to the ongoing process of globalization and characterized by increasing prominence of sub-state elements – units of Federal States (regions, regions) and cities that allows you to develop paradiplomacy. Actors of paradiplomacy have become increasingly influential players in the process of creating a network of international relations of the state, without affecting the validity of state sovereignty.

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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the fight against conservatism: a new way of Saudi Arabia
Проект: Great Arab Revolution

Mohammed bin Salman, the young and ambitious son of the king of Saudi Arabia is considered to be by far the most controversial figure in the Persian Gulf. Upon assuming the office of the crown Prince, Salman bin set themselves an almost impossible task - to change for the world community the image of Saudi Arabia as too religious and closed countries-the conservatives on the image of a progressive and modern state.

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China - "electronic concentration camp" or "digital Paradise"
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Beijing introduces a system of total control over citizens, which could become a model for other countries.

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World Bank: Russia needs 100 years to catch up with developed countries in terms of wealth and life
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

The wealth of the average Russian with the calculation per capita is only a quarter of its level in developed countries. About it it is spoken in the report "How rich Russia?", made by the world Bank. Edition Inc. I read it and chose important.

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The political crisis in Kyrgyzstan as a springboard for a "color revolution" in 2020
Проект: Revolution of the XXI century: nonviolent methods

The report analyses the current political situation in the Kyrgyz Republic, the prospects of the next "color revolution" during the parliamentary elections in 2020 and after, as well as potential threats to Russia in the case of destabilization of the political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

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Digital diplomacy of the United Arab Emirates
Проект: Future of the Information Society

The UAE is a pioneer among Arab countries in implementing the "soft power". To implement this concept, various tools are used, including public diplomacy (Public Diplomacy). The basic idea of public diplomacy as such can be summarized as follows: it is “the process of communication of the government with foreign audiences, the purpose of which is to foreign public understands the ideals and ideas of the nation, had the idea of... the culture of the country... on national objectives”. For the implementation of public diplomacy Emirates actively uses Internet resources, thereby making public diplomacy in the digital.

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Schedule of Gartner 2019: what all those fancy words?
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Schedule of Gartner for anyone who works in technology, is like an exhibition of high fashion. Looking at it, you can find out what words chipofya this season and what you hear on all the upcoming conferences.

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