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What is information noise and how to deal with it
Проект: Analytical work: the experience of Russian and foreign experts

Information noise — the scourge of our time, and from the need to be protected. This article will discuss the major sources of noise and ways of dealing with it.

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Humanists and breakthrough
Проект: Formation of the innovation system in Russia

In many subjects of science policy background in recent years, but a constant refrain is the theme of the Humanities. The attention of the authorities to them in the post-Soviet period has always been small, and in 2016 is increasingly began to hear the alarmist and frankly alarmist statements about the end of Humanities in Russia. In the beginning of that year were eliminated by the accession to the Russian Foundation for basic research Russian humanitarian scientific Foundation, and in December the President approved the Strategy of NTR.

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Biologists have created the most advanced artificial cells
Проект: New in Science

Modern science is far enough advanced in the creation of various artificial organs and this is not news. And how do you artificial cells that can perform many of the functions of their living counterparts, but non-biological mechanisms in the conventional sense? Of course, when examining under the microscope any biologist will immediately identify an artificial cell, but it's still a real breakthrough in medicine, as to create artificial structural element of the body with this level of organization had not done before.

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As the strongest drop in oil prices will affect the budget and the citizens of Russia?
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

The price of Brent in November fell by almost 22%, the biggest decline in the last ten years. The same situation with quotations of WTI, Texas.

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The West has handed over the development of a global infrastructure at the mercy of China
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

Scientists of the West are increasingly worried by the fact that the implementation of China's initiative of "One belt and one road" could lead to a further transformation of the global strategic landscape in favor of Beijing, writes the Ukrainian weekly "2000" publishing an exclusive article of Francis Fukuyama and his colleagues in the Foreign Affairs.

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His Majesty Russian language: history and modernity
Проект: Culture and art in the geopolitical context

The solution to the problem of survival and preservation of the unique Russian civilization is not possible without reference to the historical and cultural heritage, traditional ideals, which are most directly continue to affect the thinking and behavior of people. Over a long period of evolution of Russian-Slavic ethnicity is the ideological basis of existence remained pagan culture of the people.

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The ferry network and the logistic breakthrough
Проект: Sea policy

ain tasks of the Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure of Russia for the period up to 2024, which the Russian government has approved this autumn, it is possible to solve for the country through development of multimodal transportation. Combining the potential of sea and rail transport are able to provide Russia a breakthrough in the transport logistics of competition for freight database — this article REGNUM news Agency the coordinator of the project "Marine policy" Center for strategic assessments and forecasts of Anna Gornova.

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Pearl watered with the blood of

The terrorists who struck last Friday, the Chinese Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, in the last – the decisive moment lost his nerve. A couple more minutes, they come closer, throw grenades, a barrage of fire at the guards – and the chance to break into the territory of the Consulate would have been far higher. But the fire they started earlier, but because the security had to navigate, to return fire and to call the police and special forces, which arrived in record time.

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Transport week 2018: a brief overview of the industry of water transportation
Проект: Sea policy

On the background of the growth of port capacities, development of navigation on the Northern sea route, moving the maincargo base on the river a portrait of the water industry by 2024 have significantly transformeddue to digitization, which opens up new opportunities, changing business models, the position of the market players and the cost of the final product. About it the speech went from 17 to 22 November in Moscow, in Gostiny Dvor in the framework of the largest annual international forum and exhibition "Transport week 2018". This year the leitmotif of the business program became the digitalization of transport.

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Gas against oil
Проект: Sea policy

The tightening of international requirements to ship fuel to Russia poses new challenges. The energy Ministry plans to subsidize producers of low sulfur fuel oil, SCF relies on LNG, "Atomflot" called for the construction of powerful nuclear icebreakers, and the world shipping community still considers "fuel" the future is uncertain.

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