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Karabakh 2020. Aggravation or war

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Проект: China and its role in the new world order

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Проект: On the national idea

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Deutsche Bank predicted the onset of the global era mess

In 2020, perhaps a new era in the history of mankind, which will define the concept of "disorder," writes Deutsche Bank in a new study. One of her main motives would be the cold war between the US and China.

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Проект: New technologies in the financial markets

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Libyan theater of military operations in the geopolitical projects of NATO and regional players in the Middle East

In 2011 Libya civil war broke out that eventually led to foreign military intervention (NATO) which was overthrown and killed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled the country since 1969.

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Analysis of the concepts of warfare by the Republic of Korea

Currently, a considerable influence in shaping the views of the military-political leadership of the Republic of Korea on the conduct of war and armed conflict has a military-political Union with the United States of America, which is also considered as a main factor of ensuring national security of the country. [1, 2]

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Regulatory framework the construction and use of the armed forces of the people's Republic of China

The military-political leadership (CDF) people's Republic of China (PRC) is working actively to improve the legal framework in the interests of national armed forces. Established in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), the situation in the security sphere, defines Unlearning old and adopting new legal provisions based on the principle of national security and respect for international law.

03-08-2020 Polonchuk Ruslan Andreevich 13968 0

Man affects the virus of addiction

Coronavirus infection, in the spring of 2020, bringing terror to the whole world, no longer seem such a threat. More and more countries refuse to quarantine restrictions. However, the virus not only does not cease to be a threat, on the contrary, is spreading at a record pace.

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