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Silant'ev A. Y., "Socio-economic policy of Russia in 2024"
Проект: On the national idea

The book presents the socio-economic policy of Russia after 2024. Russia is in the stage of formation of social relations, able to give impetus to advancing the global rate of development. The transition to the optimal condition can be carried out without social upheaval and with a win for all segments of society. The world is entering a period of change of the dominant social forms of existence. Changes take place in the context of a systemic crisis concentration of capital and the change of technological mode (new Kondratieff cycle). Information flows and new technologies are becoming a driver of development and changes of priorities in social relations.

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The demographic crisis in Germany
Проект: Present and future of Europe

For anybody not a secret that the instability in the country, and the world in General, affects the demographic situation of a region. In a rapidly changing political and economic situation in the world, people for the most part are experiencing uncertainty: they cautiously look to the future and worry for themselves and their families.

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Is Russian healthcare ready for the fight against coronavirus?

Cases of coronavirus in Russia, according to official figures, while a few thousand, but the health system is already a serious problem. In the future, we could face a shortage of literally everything: medical, remedies, beds in hospitals, medical ventilators, test, medication. What's happening on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 and what is the tensile strength of a health system, to understand "Vedomosti".

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Alliance Paris – London - Washington as the basis for multilateral cooperation in French
Проект: Present and future of Europe

The Alliance with London and Washington is the main line of force of France's foreign policy. It originates at the end of the First World war: France entered this conflict in the ranks of the Triple Entente and came out of it with the prerequisites to the Atlantic Alliance.

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The world is experiencing a fuel shock
Проект: Markets: estimates and projections

In March 2020 the price of oil, already has a downward trend, fell by 30% in less than a week, bringing the total decline amounted to almost 50% from highs in early January [1].

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Global Leadership in Post-Coronavirus Era

Beyond doubt, the coronavirus pandemic can be characterized as a historic event that challenges the fundamental principles of contemporary world order. The thing is, the consequences of such a threat are still hard to imagine. The current pandemic is not only about global health crisis, but about appearance of an inevitable impulse leading to qualitative changes in global politics, economy and social sphere. Without exaggeration, we may say that the modern system of international relations passes the phase of war - an atypical one. Deeply divided international community needs efficient, far-sighted visionary leadership more than ever. Preserving the society’s confidence in governments is not a choice, but rather a necessity and a pledge of safeguarding globalization processes and international cooperation.

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The change in the military potential of China to 2050
Проект: China and its role in the new world order

The military-political leadership of the PRC to ensure national security aims by 2050 to increase the military potential to the level of the United States.

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African migration: threat or benefit to the world community?
Проект: The future of Russia and the world: estimates and projections

Political and economic transformations of the modern world has led to a significant increase of migration processes, which in the second half of the last century has acquired a mass character, becoming a matter of "high politics" [2]. Today migration can be observed in all regions of the world: they are not only the result of search for "a better life" immigrants from many countries, so-called "third world", but also an important resource of employment of the population of States, the labor market which is characterized by the imbalance between demand and supply of labour. In addition, an increasing number of those forced to leave their former places of residence due to armed conflict and the negative impact of various environmental factors.

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Necessary distance: how will society after the pandemic

Pandemic could accelerate a change in technological structure and approach the beginning of a new long wave economic cycle, but many in order to catch it, have a lot of change in his views and habits.

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Global correction. The current "perfect storm" – the replacement of a major war

How will the world begin to recover after the epidemic quarantines and bans, to guess is useless, because it will be formed under the impact of contradictory trends. Linear extrapolation of today's or yesterday's picture is rather confusing than helpful. Anyway, the military analogy is probably justified in one. The current "perfect storm" – the replacement of a major war. The world stands still. Another two or three weeks ago, it was impossible to imagine that countries will start to close. Stopped public transportation, empty cinemas and theatres, the empty schools and universities, serious limitation of movement, total control – first is associated only with war. In fact, it is already announced.

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